About us

The LUXENT real estate agency is an individual-focused team of experienced specialists who offer custom, professional and reliable realty services. Our primary interest is in original, rather luxurious, unique realties especially in Prague and its surroundings, and in selected cases also anywhere in the Czech Republic or abroad. Our goal is the expedient sale or renting of the real property of our clients in a friendly, safe atmosphere – so as to ensure that each deal is a successful one for all involved parties, as well as a pleasant experience. 

LUXENT is based in Pařížská 131/28, Prague 1– Josefov, and offers premium realties for purchase and rent. Its offer sometimes also includes more specific business opportunities, such as e.g. chateaus, and LUXENT also has a significant amount of experience with the sale of such real estates. A portion of the offered opportunities represent housing in selected development projects. LUXENT's realty portfolio includes plots and commercial realties – tenement houses, restaurants, hotels etc. We complement our offers with investment consulting. We speak English, German, Spanish and Russian. The services we provide in cooperation with our agent in Dubai are also unique – this exotic offer of luxurious housing is an example of how LUXENT helps its clients fulfill their housing dreams and demonstrates the meaning of our motto: „always a bit more than just a good deal“.

The real estate agency has closed a large number of successful realty sales. The calm and problem-free course of realty transactions is also aided by our cooperation with the premium Hrubý & Buchvaldek law office based at Prague 1.

Good references and personal recommendations from our satisfied clients are the best testimony to LUXENT's qualities and good marketing tools, but these are not the only ones. Sophisticated work with printed and electronic media is a good foundation, which we then complement by directly addressing target groups of interested parties from our database, sending Newsletters to subscribers, cooperation with other real estate agencies, visiting specialized trade fairs and events, and last but not least through personal meetings with potential VIP customers. A number of deals with unique realties are carried out via non-public orders. Some of our clients often request that their realty transactions do not violate their privacy. Another strong side of LUXENT in these as well as other cases is our rich network of personal and professional contacts. More information about our marketing activities is available in the Marketing section of the LUXENT website.

With LUXENT's professionals, you always get more than just a good deal.