Services for developers

LUXENT has a lot of experience with the sale of homes in development projects. LUXENT has at its disposal databases of people interested in newly-built homes, and since the real estate agency offer includes a range of various projects, potential customers will find an extensive selection at our agency. Experienced real estate agents additionally try to ascertain the needs and options of clients and to offer them homes which will suit them best. Customers need not waste time by unnecessarily scouting projects which are clearly not suited for them.

The high quality of LUXENT's services is demonstrated not only by the fact that our customers return to us – for instance when their families grow and they want to find a new apartment. Our services are also sought after by developers – among others because we don't just provide promises, but really sell the realties we offer. Another reason developers seek our services is that LUXENT has a perfect overview of the market and knows which area will see the greatest demand – consultations thus occur already from the moment of project preparation.

LUXENT also works very efficiently with various marketing tools, and developers often cooperate with our real estate agency to consult their marketing strategy, which is a key aspect of successful operation in the very competitive market environment.