Sale of the Gothic Chateau Choustník, 7.2 acres, Choustník

2 472 m2 Choustník, Tábor, South Bohemia Region 19 900 000 CZK per property

About real estate

We offer for sale the Choustník Chateau from the beginning of the 17th century with a large park of 7.2 acres, located in the very centre of the South Bohemian village of Choustník, located 20 km from Tábor.

The chateau is bordered by a road from the east and north, the neighbouring buildings are family houses. Due to the preservation of original elements, Choustník is an important building in this region. The chateau and the chateau park are protected as an important example of a rural manor house.

In the 17th century, the castle was owned by the Špork family. The Rohan family has owned the castle since the 19th century. After World War II, the Rohans moved to England and the castle was converted into a school, which was there until 1961. In the second half of the 20th century the building was used as a retirement home. The building fell into disrepair and was not maintained for many years. In 2011, design work began for the restoration of the entire castle grounds, including all utilities. In 2012, a building permit was obtained, which made it possible to completely renovate and modernise the building. The intention was to use the building as a multi-purpose facility, to build a restaurant, a brewery and 15 residential units.

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19 900 000 CZK per property


Choustník, Tábor, South Bohemia Region





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2 472 m2

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