Sale of a representative Art Nouveau villa Helenka, Prague 5 - Malvazinky

715 m2 Na Václavce, Praha 5 - Smíchov on request

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We offer for sale an exceptional villa – a unique building of the Art Nouveau residential architecture from 1903. The villa was built by Ing. arch. Alois Korda himself for his family. The villa is one of the major leading buildings of the European Art Nouveau architecture. It is built in the style of Austrian Art Nouveau with rich decorations in French and Belgian style. At first sight, it enchants by carved balconies, elaborate frescoes, stuccoes and, above all, a beautifully decorated façade with floral patterns and sundial, which is the work of painter František Kobliha. The entire villa underwent two renovations – both inside and outside. Five floors have a total of 20 stylish rooms divided into more or less detached units with 9 bathrooms. The attic area offers a modern luxury duplex apartment with a roof terrace and a study room in the tower – airy and designed with glass partitions, stylish kitchen, and an elevator to the apartment. In the basement, there was an apartment for the villa administrator with a kitchen, social space, tech. room. The villa can serve as a residence, business headquarters, institution or embassy, or as an apartment boutique hotel. On the west side of the house, there is a garden with terraces for relaxing by the pond. The villa is considered a part of the Czech cultural heritage and is located in the famous quarter of the large Art Nouveau villas, on the outskirts of Malvazinky.

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Na Václavce, Praha 5 - Smíchov





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