Reality services

LUXENT provides its customers with the best possible services in the field. Our area of interest includes especially Prague and its surroundings, but we also deal with orders from all of the Czech Republic and abroad – LUXENT has its own agent for instance in Dubai, and also offers real estates in other seaside resorts.

Our customers will receive all the services related to realty transactions from a single agency – including questions related to financing or moving. Taking care of all the paperwork at the cadastre is also a matter of course. The provided services additionally by default include the services of a renowned law office, which for instance takes care of problem-free contracts of purchase, safekeeping of financial resources and oversees the smooth process of all realty transactions.

LUXENT also ensures complete so-called relocation services for foreigners, who most frequently move to the Czech Republic due to interesting work offers. LUXENT helps foreigners find accommodation right from the first day of their stay, and will also help them solve all formal questions related to their stay. Finding the ideal accommodation in the form of a long-term rent or purchase of a realty usually takes some time – until this is solved, LUXENT offers temporary accommodation in special short lease apartments. These apartments are ideal for foreigners who need to find accommodation right from the first day of their stay and who do not want to stay in a hotel. Short lease apartments are also often sought after by tourists and others who need to quickly find a nice place to stay.