New residential project Jungle Park Monterrey in the middle of tropical nature, Costa Rica


About real estate

We offer homes for second homes and investment in the Jungle Park Monterrey project in the southern part of Costa Rica's sought-after Osa Peninsula. The project features newly constructed stylish villas in the midst of tropical nature, within smooth transportation access approximately ten minutes from the nearest Pacific beaches with a consistent annual temperature of around 30°C. The project's villas are being designed by a Costa Rican architect and a Czech pioneer in modular construction, who is currently constructing a variant of an upscale luxury home on one of the project's lots, complete with eco-friendly rainwater harvesting systems, sewage treatment plant, solar panels and other modifications to reduce the carbon footprint and increase self-sufficiency. Of course, the offer of the property comes with the offer of property management in terms of maintenance of the house and garden as well as real estate services for rent or later sale. The rental income is around 50-70 thousand per month, depending on the type of villa, plus property prices are rising by around 13% per year.

Overall, eco-friendly living and sustainable living is important to the Jungle Park Monterrey residence. Its own self-sustaining springs and the quality of the land are increasingly valued. In addition, years of experience from the tropical regions of Latin America have been used in the design of the buildings. The villas are set in the ground or placed on a strong structure. Special roofs protect the occupants from tropical rain and sun, with an emphasis on preserving garden views.

The standard design of the houses comes in three variants - one, two or three bedrooms. The communal living area of the interior is separated from the bedrooms and bathroom by a practical entrance hall. The roofs can be supplemented with solar panels for even greater self-sufficiency. Thanks to these advantages, your investment will also have a better return on investment. The attractive and functional minimalist design of the houses is complemented by extensive private grounds with spring water, mature trees and a fertile garden where you can harvest your own tropical fruits. In addition to the pleasant atmosphere of the design house, you will also get your own unique green privacy.

Costa Rica is a very accessible by air, energy self-sufficient country with great biodiversity, beautiful nature, rich waters and a variety of flora and fauna. It is the only country that has completely stopped deforestation! It is even still reforesting its territories and therefore has many exotic national parks and countless protected areas. Here you will find volcanic mountain ranges, a large number of magnificent waterfalls and much more. Real estate is abundantly available for use as a second home in the warmth of the ocean and as an investment. Visitation and interest in rentals in the area has only been growing in recent years, thanks in part to the developing adventure programs including whale watching or horseback riding, surfing, etc.

If you are interested, please contact us and we will be happy to provide further valuable information.