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The perfect home – it's not just the breathtaking exterior and beautiful rooms inside. The perfect home is made up of even the smallest detail. This is why we have surrounded ourselves with prestigious brands, some of which are among the best in the world. We work together with them to be able to provide the best for your new home, from above-standard services to premium equipment.

We can have a Preciosa chandelier hung in your new home, or audio and video equipment installed from VOIX. Go ahead, be demanding – after all, it’s where you’ll be living.

Since 2008, we’ve arranged more than 3,000 real estate sales and leases for everything from cozy little apartments to romantic castles. If you need advice with anything, write us. We’ll be happy to help you.


The company Svěřenské fondy a trusty establishes customised trust funds. The team of experts absorbs both years of foreign experience, as well as experience from the Czech environment, where since 2014 this legal instrument on the Czech market to protect and secure property, whether real estate from business or other risks, or in preventing inheritance disputes or transferring companies to other generations.
It proposes both Czech structures (including endowments) and foreign trusts.

The team takes care of not only the establishment but also the subsequent administration for the trustees, you have
you can benefit from their services throughout the lifetime of your trust.


Artefin aims to dispel any fears about buying a work of art and make the path to its acquisition as simple as possible. For its clients, it has built a world-unique artHUB, which offers a gallery and showroom where you can choose from over 800 works of art by various artists on an area of 460 m², advice on building art collections, an investment fund, a fully secured depository for storing art, a specialized transport service, and all kinds of packaging, including the in-house production of climate-controlled boxes.

Artefin believes that this way the world of contemporary art can be made accessible to anyone who is considering buying it, either as a good investment or just for pleasure. They will convince you that art is not just for the rich or the chosen, and the path to acquiring a quality original can be much easier than it first appears.



Moss4Life specializes in interior installations using stabilized mosses and plants of the highest quality. They only work with biodegradable material that comes from organic farming. The preserved moss and plants do not require water or light, making them a stylish addition to a home, workplace or commercial space. The uses for these maintenance-free natural elements are truly wide-ranging.

The acoustic options are also an interesting innovative and functional use, making them ideal for meeting rooms, offices, music studios, home theaters and anywhere acoustics and reflective sound need to be addressed.



Valen&Masar believes implicitly in wood - the most unrivalled natural material of all time. Valen&Masar supplies and realizes custom wood floors that are created in the hands of the best master flooring craftsmen from all over the world. With their acquired knowledge and collaboration with the greatest experts, they can create a timeless piece of work that wordlessly tells your distinctive story. Wood floors resonate with your values, reflect your ideals and are a warm reflection of what you desire.

Discover your dream floor in the Valen&Masar showroom: Korunní 51, Prague - Vinohrady.



More than just furniture, this is also a simple way to describe Italier. Our goal is to decorate Czech interiors in the Italian spirit, and we have been doing that since 2015. Our priority has always been, and continues to be, pro-client service and an individual approach. Thanks to this, we are able to meet the needs of our clients to the maximum. We import quality Italian designer furniture from prestigious brands and specialise in the chateau style, which is our significant domain. We also provide turnkey interior design services, which are growing in popularity every year.

Enter the code LUXENT10 in the shopping cart and get a 10% discount.



Truly comfortable living. Loxone delivers an intelligent automation system that makes running your home or apartment easier and more efficient. Home technology from lighting and shading, to heating, to audio and much more is controlled as much as possible by the home itself. This saves the occupants 50,000 routine tasks a year. It exploits the potential for savings while maintaining security and respecting privacy.

The system is tested every day in more than 175,000 installations worldwide. Loxone was founded in 2009 in Upper Austria and has grown to become the market leader in building automation. It gives people back the time they would otherwise spend controlling technology.



The FHS Exclusive Agents agency, currently expanding into foreign markets, is a unique project on the Czech market that provides professional athletes with a consigliere service (not the service of football agents, which they are not and which they consider partners and not competitors).

The guys behind the project use an extensive network of contacts and partners in all kinds of areas to fulfil client requirements. Their clients include, for example, representatives Tomáš Holeš and Aleš Matějů.



Hand in hand with luxury properties go exceptional experiences and beautiful resorts. What makes Exclusive Tours different from other tour operators? It will give you full and completely individual attention, creating and organising a holiday tailored to your wishes and ideas. They will be the guide and personal travel assistant who lends a helping hand whenever needed and ensures that everything goes smoothly for the most beautiful travel experience.

Your first trip will be provided with airport transfer and a fully private VIP check-in.



Elite Bath has been one of the absolute leaders in the segment of premium bathroom designs for many years. In 2018, they acquired representation of German luxury kitchens Bulthaup for the Czech market, and now they’re able to offer their more demanding clients a truly comprehensive solution for the realization of their projects.

If you demand the highest quality, design, aesthetics, and sophistication in every detail, then these are the right partners for you. You can visit them in their Prague showrooms at the River Diamond Building on Rohanské nábřeží 7, and the Rohan Business Center Building at Rohanské nábřeží 15.


ADC studio

ADC studio is a creative marketing agency.  Since 2002 it has been creating professional marketing support for your projects. Thanks to their specialization, almost all assignments are produced in-house. They work as a team, saving clients costs and increasing efficiency.


Preciosa Lightning

This is one of the world’s most beautiful glass chandeliers; today, they adorn large historic palaces, museums, First Republic villas, opera houses, and hotels around the world. They are produced in the “Crystal Valley” in northern Bohemia.

The Preciosa Lighting company directly follows in the tradition of Bohemian glassmaking in continuing to produce classic lighting units and cut glass trimmings; it also uses the latest technologies to successfully develop the production of modern decorative luminaires and realize design lighting and difficult atypical orders.



VOIX offers customers luxury audio and video equipment. They offer over 20 premium brands, the most famous of which are Kharma, Gato Audio, and Dan D’Agostino.

VOIX offers its clients audio and video equipment from exclusive brands in a showcase area of ​​almost 600 m2. In addition to a wide selection of goods, customers can also take advantage of the listening rooms to enjoy the depth and purity of tones, or relax in a specially made home cinema. The showroom is not only a kingdom of audio technology, but also of design and art.


Studio Nika

Studio Nika has been producing exceptional interiors and top designs from world manufacturers for 25 years. It specializes in individual solutions, especially private interiors for clients who are looking for something special and want to realize their plans.

The team at Studio Nika builds long-term relationships, prioritizes quality over quantity, and listens to their clients. They can provide you with complete designs and realizations, regardless of how demanding your wishes for your dream home may be.

“Every space has its hidden potential, and we’ll help you find it.”



The 24SAFE Company rents safety deposit boxes for individuals and legal entities. The 24SAFE building is located in Prague 1, at 1071/17 Na Poříčí Street. Their non-stop operation and excellent accessibility by vehicle allows clients access to their valuables at any time.

As part of our cooperation with 24SAFE, each of our clients who successfully conclude a Purchase Agreement for one of our properties receives a voucher for a 1-year rental of a safety deposit box (valued at CZK 10,200) free of charge.



The INNEX Company has been operating on the market for almost 20 years, primarily in the field of decorative and technical shading of interiors and exteriors. In recent years, their activities have also expanded into the field of furniture as well as interior and exterior design.

They offer a comprehensive solution for the end customer with respect to an individual approach. You can visit their showroom at Přemyslovská 43 in Prague 3.


Los Kachlos HOME

The design concept of Los Kachlos HOME is for everyone who places high demands on life and quality living. Their exclusive sales gallery on the main street of Prague’s Vinohrady combines tested and proven products from living and interior design.

Their showroom at Vinohradská 41 covers an area of ​​550 m2 and presents customers with the Los Kachlos range in modern bathrooms, retro bathrooms, and ceramic floor and wall tiles. They also offer quality brands that come together to form a unique design concept. Their showroom is where a distinctive approach, art, and design create a harmonious symbiosis.



If you’re reconstructing an apartment, house, or office, and need professional assistance to perfectly match the resulting interior, then we recommend contacting the MARTHI studio; they offer comprehensive services for interior design.

The owner, Mrs. Marta Šliperská (known simply as Marthi), has been very sought after as a designer in the field of interior design and realizations for many years. She is renowned for her close attention to detail and her ability to understand and satisfy the requirements of even her most demanding clients. Her team consists of craftspeople who have proven their merit over the years – upholsterers, seamstresses, upholsterers, locksmiths, and carpenters.



The ENGINEERS CZ company was established in 2011. They focus on the comprehensive design and engineering preparation of buildings and the realization of specialized structures. They walk you through the process from the creation of the plan to the final building approval.

They offer our clients a 7% discount off their advertised prices for design, architectural, and engineering work.



NEODUAL is an individually oriented company focusing on the sale and import of home furniture and kitchens from top Italian manufacturers such as Nicoline Salotti, Tomasella Industra Mobili, Egoitaliano, and Giorgiocasa.

They are fully available to their clients from the initial consultation and selection of furniture through mediation of payment, import, and final assembly. They offer their clients a 5% discount off the catalog prices.


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UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) works in 193 countries around the world, helping children survive and supporting their development from birth to adulthood. It provides them with health care, nutrition, drinking water and sanitation, basic education for all boys and girls, and protection from violence, abuse, and the risks of AIDS. And we want to be part of it. If you’re able, make a contribution today! Thank you from the Luxent Team.

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