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During the time we’ve been active in the field of exclusive real estate, we’ve successfully completed a large number of real estate transactions in residential and commercial real estate. Clients like to come back to us, something that we truly appreciate.

Take a look at all the places we’ve found our dream homes.

Selected references


I would like to thank Luxent real estate agency for the high quality and professional service during the sale of my two properties. In addition to excellent preparatory photography (home staging, post-production), quality and erudite legal service of Luxent and its management, I would like to especially appreciate the professional approach of the broker Lenka Munter.
Apart from being a true connoisseur of architecture and art, Ms. Munter is also an excellent real estate salesperson and her advice and procedures during the sale of both properties always proved to be correct in the end, with a feel for the situation and to the benefit of the client. Precisely because I was very satisfied with the services of both Luxent and Ms. Lenka Munter, it was logical to approach them with the sale of our next property.

I wish Luxent many satisfied clients as I have been with the brokerage service of Ms. Lenka Munter and also congratulate them on their quality staffing.

Thank you again and my best regards.


We would like to thank Luxent once again, namely Mrs. Romana Čermáková, for her services in the selection and purchase of the house.
We have seen many other projects and met with many real estate agents, but Mrs. Romana's approach was unique. She was genuinely interested in our needs, accommodated us with viewing times even outside of normal business hours, understood our limitations due to the baby, and toured with us repeatedly until we were 100% sure that the house we chose would be the best one for us. We also know that Mrs. Romana thought about our future neighbors and mutual neighborhood compatibility.
Thank you and good luck.


I would like to compliment Mr. Adam Kvasnička and Luxent for their professional work in the case of renting our apartment, everything went quickly and smoothly.


We met Mrs. Romana Čermáková when we expressed our interest in buying a house from the project - Domy Klecany v Remízkách, where she represented the real estate agency Luxent. From the beginning the cooperation with Mrs. Čermáková was very good. The human approach and understanding that as clients we are making a big life change and the decision is not a matter of a few minutes won over everything. Romana's desire to help her client was always at the top of her agenda, she was always available, willing to give information, communicated with us even outside working hours, whether by phone or via email or SMS. If she didn't know something, she found out immediately and got back to us with new information. She was willing to make an appointment at the property not only outside of business hours, but also on weekends and during the Christmas holidays. She mediated contact between us and the development company and was involved in smooth communication. After signing the booking contract, everything continued in the same vein, Mrs. Čermáková was always available, friendly and willing to help and I must say she went above and beyond to help in the areas she was responsible for. She is truly a pleasure to deal with and I can only recommend her as a real estate agent.

Vladimír Zapletal, Project Domy Klecany, Bydlení Kasárna s.r.o.

As a real estate development company, we have experience with commercial and residential properties in Bohemia and Moravia. With Luxent we have just completed the sale of 23 residential units in twelve family houses in Klecany, Prague East. We approached Luxent after the project sales had already started. Luxent was recommended to us by one of our supplier partners. Luxent provided us with advice in modern marketing, which made the project well marketed and attractive. We were also open to cooperation on the concept of standards. Luxent paid focused attention not only to qualified, intensive marketing, but of course also to sales, which quickly bore fruit. The project was visible in on-line advertisements, in the trade press or all last summer also on a bigboard on the main road in the direction from Prague 8 to Zdiby and Klecany. We chose the broker ourselves. She worked on the sale intensively, to our satisfaction and with a feeling for the needs of the developer and clients. Luxent sold out the entire project, except for one unit that remained in our possession, within a few months, before completion. We received regular weekly reports and whenever we needed, a Luxent expert attended our meetings and important meetings. For the time being, we always took care of the project's business ourselves. I don't know if we will return to this model, but in the case of Domy Klecany we found a real estate partner who saved us a lot of time and energy and with whom we successfully sold the project.


Thank you very much for the dedication and helpfulness of Mr. Adam Kvasnicka, who always tried his best to help me. Thanks to this, I found a wonderful home for my family in a relatively short time. Mr. Kvasnicka was also available to me at any time after the contract was signed and I have never had and have never been afraid to turn to him with confidence. Thank you and I can highly recommend him.


I would like to express my gratitude to Mrs. Lenka Munter for her professional and mainly humanly responsible approach both in selling several properties and in finding a new home. She is a person in her place and fulfills exactly what I expect from a real estate agent. I look forward to working with her again.


The Prague Philharmonic Choir is one of Europe's most renowned vocal ensembles. We cooperate with the most important conductors, orchestras and festivals. Yet for several long years we have been performing in totally inadequate premises. During this time we have been through dozens of different buildings, written hundreds of emails... Our problem was solved by the initiative of Luxent. I would like to thank especially Mr. Karel Bartek for his professional approach.


I would like to thank the Luxent company, specifically Lenka Munter, for the cooperation of the sale of two of my properties so far. The effort, new ideas, search for new possibilities of offer and form, regular communication. I am really glad that I entrusted my properties in such good hands.


Pavla Kalousová is a quality and serious broker with a professional approach. I entrusted Luxent with the sale of our "family silver" - the farm. The sale was taken over by Pavla, who conducted all negotiations very well and brought the sale to a successful conclusion. It is obvious that this broker has a lot of experience behind her. Thank you especially for the correct negotiations and kind approach.


Lenka Munter represents exactly what I expect from a real estate agent. Professionalism, energy and fair dealing for both parties involved.


Mr. Bartek was very helpful throughout the whole cooperation - mediation of the purchase of commercial space in Prague, Smichov. The negotiations with the company from which we bought the space were not easy, but Mr. Bartek did his best to facilitate the purchase, communicated with the company himself and fought for our interests to the maximum. Thus, I can highly recommend Mr. Bartek as a real estate agent.


I would like to thank Luxent, namely Pavla Kalousová, for her professional approach and successful sale of a luxury apartment in Prague 1, Old Town. I am glad that Luxent has in its ranks a broker who knows the location well and is used to dealing with demanding clientele. Mrs. Kalousová is reliable, with an excellent overview, I highly recommend her.


Lenka Munter mediated the sale of a non-standard exclusive property in South Bohemia. Lenka's emotional intelligence helped overcome contentious business points. The sale, which could have easily become lengthy and complicated, went smoothly and without a single hitch. I am very grateful.


We would like to thank Luxent real estate agency, namely Mrs. Pavla Kalousová, for her professional approach in the sale of our property. For her detailed preparation, expert knowledge of the historical properties to be sold, careful selection of potential buyers, for her tenacity in solving problems related to the sale and for her clear attitude during the negotiations. We think that your expertise made the transaction quick and successful and made us feel secure.


Romana started helping me sell my house in Mirošovice in December 2019. Another well-known Prague real estate agency had (unsuccessfully) been trying to sell the house for 8 months at a price of CZK 18.9 million. The entire time, they didn’t show the home to a single client. Romana quickly put together a photo shoot and began to bring in clients. Within 6 or 7 weeks, she had arranged a sale at a much better price of CZK 23 million. I believe that the result speaks for itself. I recommend her.


I received a contact on the broker Lenka from an acquaintance who had already worked with her several times and praised her services. I needed someone capable, since selling a castle is no easy task. During our first meeting, I was thrilled by Ms. Lenka’s professionalism and pleasant manners. During our cooperation, I found out what excellent knowledge she has in history as well as in her negotiation style. Lenka, thank you very much, you exceeded my expectations. I finally found the professional services of dreams! Thank you very much.


We were very happy with Adam's service given our unconventional demands.


I have known Mrs. Pavla Kalousová from Luxent real estate agency for a long time. During this period she has successfully sold several of my properties. We evaluated the offers to close the deal together. Thanks to her sensitive approach, the deal was always concluded to the satisfaction of both parties. For these reasons I can only recommend Mrs. Pavla Kalousová.


We would like to thank Mrs. Ing. Kalousová for her absolutely professional approach during our property purchase in the past months. Her pleasant and responsible approach to any question or explanation was extremely important for us and decisive in our choice, in any case we would contact her again. We highly recommend this estate agent and especially this very nice lady.


The Luxent real estate company, to whom I entrusted to sell my romantic farmhouse built in La Provence style, was extremely accommodating; not only with the actual real estate agent, Ms. Ing. Lenka Munter, but also with Mr. Emil Kasarda, the owner of Luxent. This was the sale of a very specific building in boutique style which had been the subject of frequent reports on original housing; as such, a suitable personality had to be selected as the future owner. I would like to thank Mrs. Ing. Munter (Dušková) for her extraordinarily professional and, most importantly, warm approach in finding suitable candidates and for the style in which she presented such a complex work. Today, when the property has already been handed over to the new owners, I can say that I also received a bonus, namely that the new owners have also become new friends. All this thanks to the highly professional and especially personal work of the Luxent real estate company.


Dear team, thank you for the services provided by your company. For a long time, we had been determined to sell our beautiful villa apartment in Prague 6 – Hradčany and move to a seniors’ home. In February 2019, like a miracle, we almost immediately found an apartment that met our requirements, so we were looking for who could arrange the sale of our apartment. Our first two attempts with real estate agents ended in failure, since we didn’t get along with the agents. A friend recommended your broker, Ms. Ing. Lenka Munter. Her hard work and extensive experience with non-standard situations enabled us to sell our apartment, with all the necessary official administration, very quickly and professionally. Moreover, we were pleasantly surprised at the nice personal and friendly relationship we established with Ms. Lenka. We will be happy to recommend Ms. Lenka, and thus your company, to friends who are looking for the assistance of a real estate agency on your level.


I’ve been cooperating with the Luxent real estate agency for a long time, and I’m very satisfied with their level of service. They are professional and personable. Thanks to the Luxent brokers, negotiations with the counterparty go smoothly. I bought a family property, and the entire sales process went smoothly. Broker Šárka Tichá was professionally prepared, willing, and worked well with our architects, from the first inspection to the handover of the house. We also enjoyed a good relationship with the former owner of the house, with whom we had pleasant negotiations and who fully relied on Luxent. We are very happy with the new house and we’re grateful.


I’ve used the services of the Luxent real estate agency several times for the sale and purchase of real estate, and I’ve always been very satisfied with the negotiation and the level of services they provide. Not only did everything work on a very professional level, but also everything went very pleasantly, including negotiations with the other party. Broker Šárka Tichá was also always able to give me good advice during the transactions. I didn’t even have to participate in the negotiations with the buyers at all, since Ms. Tichá settled everything to the satisfaction of both parties. It helped me a lot. Thank you!


I’d like to express my maximum satisfaction with the highly professional approach towards me as a client in my search for an apartment sublease in Prague by LUXENT, specifically their employee Ms. Michaela Mikešová.


Good day, I would like to thank Luxent, especially Ing. Lenka Munter, for the great and professional approach in selling our house. Everything went smoothly and without complications.


Our development company Omikron Group a.s. has established cooperation with Luxent for the purpose of mediating the lease of warehouse and commercial units in the projects Komerční park Dobřejovice, Komerční park Jesenice and Komerční park Rudná.

We established our cooperation at the end of 2017 and during this short period of time Luxent managed to realize the lease of 610 sqm of warehouse space in Komerční park Dobřejovice and bring us a long-term stable tenant.

Furthermore, Luxent is actively continuing to broker the lease of additional vacant space in this project.

In August 2018, we will hand over to Luxent for brokerage 2 more projects, Komerční Park Nehvizdy and Komerční Park Dobřejovice II, for a total of 8,500 sqm of space. We will continue our successful cooperation and look forward to further completed shops and leased spaces.


I entrusted the sale of the apartment to Mrs. Ing. Lenka Munter from Luxent real estate agency. I have no choice but to say that all the service related to the sale was top-notch, there were no complications during the sale and everything went exactly as I wanted. Ing. Lenka Dušková did a highly professional job, she was always ready and willing to explain everything, help or suggest solutions. Thanks to her I sold the apartment to nice and sympathetic people, which was also important for me. I can recommend the engineer and Luxent real estate agency with a clear conscience, their services are really great. And since I am in a situation where I am looking for a smaller apartment, I know who I will definitely turn to.


I can recommend Luxent especially for the professionalism with which they approach office space rentals. Luxent is an expert who really knows the subject, our communication has always been pleasant and absolutely trouble-free. I look forward to further cooperation.


We were satisfied with the cooperation with the LUXENT office was in all respects. Selling our property was not entirely easy, partly due to complications in our location; working patiently with the circumstances was essential. We appreciate that the trade was closed in an atmosphere of satisfaction on all sides. Thank you.


I decided to sell an apartment in Vršovice through LUXENT, and it was one of my best decisions. Šárka Tichá was definitely born a broker! When she was dealing with me and with the clients, she was incredibly professional, friendly, and nice! And she always had a complete overview of what she was presenting or solving. After a while, the apartment “found” its new owner, and I know for sure that it wasn’t just because of how beautiful it is and the location. Šarka, thank you very much.


Allow me to thank your real estate agency Luxent, s.r.o., for the activity you have developed in attracting tenants for our building Betlémský palác and therefore for our company Betlémský palác, a.s. I appreciate that over the last six months your company has brought in several interested parties, three of whom have actually managed to conclude lease agreements for non-residential premises. I appreciate the skills, consistency and approach that contributed to the agreements and therefore to the signing of the respective contracts. I look forward to further cooperation.

ANJI s.r.o.

We did not choose Luxent Real Estate Agency at random. Their performance as a commercial space rental broker is very professional, polite and correct in all respects. Interested parties are screened in advance, so they save our time and we highly recommend Luxent.


For 35 years I have been living and working in Zurich. My long-standing wish was to buy a roof flat in Prague so that I can look forward not only to the amazing Prague historical atmosphere, but also to enjoy the rich cultural environment. The dream became reality. And not only that. Now I am returning to the magical Šumava, where I bought a beautiful property right in the national park thanks to LUXENT. The professionalism, discretion and readiness of the agent, Pavla Kalousová, accompanied me with both purchases. I am pleased I found such services in the Czech Republic.


Dear Mr. Kasarda,

I would like to thank you very much for really exceptional services in selling our apartment in Prague 6. You have disproved my very bad experience with real estate agencies. I'm glad to get in touch with you. The apartment was sold for a higher price after a month. Thanks to pleasant negotiations, we stayed in touch with the new buyers to gain new nice neighbors and perhaps friends. The broker Šárka Tichá was able to describe the apartment literally magically for the buyer and helped us to make the right decisions when two clients appeared in the end.

Thanks to an excellent experience with selling an apartment for investment we have decided with my husband to entrust to you all our properties. I'm looking forward to working together, it is very professional and very pleasant, which I appreciate. In addition, we have listened to your advice and have not hurried to the second apartment and we have achieved a very nice price again. Thank you and wish all the good!

Since 2008, we’ve arranged more than 5,000 real estate sales and leases for everything from cozy little apartments to romantic castles. We also carefully select interesting residential development projects. This is why we believe that we can find the ideal home for you as well. Write us.

Selected projects

We enjoy demanding assignments the most

Apartment for sale in Old Town

Apartment for sale in Old Town

Široká, Praha 1 - Staré Město


02 / 2021


I would like to thank Luxent, namely Pavla Kalousová, for her professional approach and successful sale of a luxury apartment in Prague 1, Old Town. I am glad that Luxent has in its ranks a broker who knows the location well and is used to dealing with demanding clientele. Mrs. Kalousová is reliable, with an excellent overview, I highly recommend her.


Ing. Pavla Kalousová

Responsible real estate agent

Ing. Pavla Kalousová

Sale of a castle complex

Sale of a castle complex

Jistebnice, Tábor, South Bohemia Region


01 / 2021


I received a contact on the broker Lenka from an acquaintance who had already worked with her several times and praised her services. I needed someone capable, since selling a castle is no easy task. During our first meeting, I was thrilled by Ms. Lenka’s professionalism and pleasant manners. During our cooperation, I found out what excellent knowledge she has in history as well as in her negotiation style. Lenka, thank you very much, you exceeded my expectations. I finally found the professional services of dreams! Thank you very much.


Ing. Lenka Munter

Responsible real estate agent

Ing. Lenka Munter

Sale of a country house

Sale of a country house

U Zvoničky, Mirošovice, Praha-východ, Central Bohemia


03 / 2020


Romana dealt with the sale of my house in Mirošovice in December 2019. Previously, another well-known Prague real estate agency unsuccessfully tried to sell the house for 8 months at a price of 18.9 mil. CZK. During this time they did not conduct any viewings. Romana quickly arranged a photo shoot and started bringing in clients. Within 6-7 weeks she arranged the sale and at a much better price of 23 mil. CZK. In my opinion the result speaks for itself. I recommend.


Romana Čermáková

Responsible real estate agent

Romana Čermáková

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