New Villa Park Sandalo project on the tropical Osa Peninsula off the virgin beaches of the Pacific, Costa Rica


About real estate

Choose from villas in the Villa Park Sandalo project in a beautiful valley with a small lake and views of the tropical gardens and Sandalo hills on the beautiful OSA peninsula in southern Costa Rica. The project is spread over five hectares and each villa has its own unique view. In addition, the entire residence has sensitively segregated its own privacy and its own security, building management and gardener, creating a modern community amidst beautiful exotic nature, within seamless access to the vast virgin beaches of the Pacific coast, including Preciosa and Matapalo. The project's villas are being designed by a Costa Rican architect to meet the needs of future owners in the local tropical climate. Of course, the offer of the property also includes the offer of property management in terms of maintenance of the house and garden as well as real estate services for rent or later sale. The rental income is around 50-70 thousand per month, depending on the type of villa, plus property prices are rising by around 13% per year.

Overall, ecological living and sustainable living is important for the Villa Park Sandalo residence. The property's own self-sustaining springs and the quality of the land, which are increasingly appreciated, certainly underline the value of the property now, and especially for the future. Years of experience from the tropics have also been used in the design of the buildings. The villas are set into the ground or placed on a strong structure. Specially designed roofs protect the occupants from tropical rains and the sun. The roofs can be supplemented with solar panels for even greater self-sufficiency, according to the clients' wishes.

You can choose from houses in three variants - one, two or three bedrooms. The layouts are variable and can be modified as desired. The social living area of the interior is separated by a practical entrance hall from the bedrooms and bathroom. The attractive and functional minimalist design of the houses is complemented by extensive private grounds with spring water, mature trees and a fertile garden where you can harvest your own tropical fruits. In addition to the pleasant atmosphere of the design house, you will therefore also get your own unique rich green privacy. The interior materials are wood and ceramic tiles, but you can choose from many types of superior tropical wood floors.

Costa Rica is a highly accessible by air, energy self-sufficient country with the greatest biodiversity in the world, a wealth of waters and a variety of flora and fauna. It is the only tropical country that has stopped deforestation and is reforesting its territories. The country has a total of 29 national parks and countless protected areas. The Osa Peninsula is like a paradise with its beautiful, extensive beaches. The sea temperature here averages a pleasant 30 degrees Celsius all year round. The Osa Peninsula is an ideal place. You can use the property lavishly as a second home in the warmth and by the ocean as well as an investment. Visitation and interest in rentals in the area has only been growing in recent years, thanks in part to the developing adventure programs including whale watching or horseback riding tours in particular, surfing, etc.

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Project detail

The order Layout Usable area Terrace / Balcony / Loggia Land Price
SAN-EMI 4 rooms 150 m2 17 m2 / No / No 12 319 m2 9 997 091 CZK Detail
SAN-ISA 2 rooms 64 m2 26 m2 / No / No 5 000 m2 5 379 406 CZK Detail
SAN-ROS 3 rooms 130 m2 25 m2 / No / No 13 149 m2 9 272 455 CZK Detail

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