Residential project V Remízkách - 12 family houses witch two apartments with gardens in Klecany, Prague-East

Čsl. armády, Klecany, Praha-východ, Central Bohemia

About real estate

A new project of 12 family semi-detached houses with gardens is growing near Prague, in the southeastern part of Klecany - a popular town on the banks of the Vltava. The project of architecturally clean houses, each with two separate apartments with their own garden, is only 25 minutes away by car and public transport from the center of Prague. The aim of the project is to create a pleasant autonomous family living in a city near Prague and the beautiful nature of the Vltava basin with an excellent access to the metropolis. The land of the project is slightly sloping, southern, all houses have their own gardens and garages. In addition to the quality of the building and the location, the intimacy of the project is another indisputable advantage. The layout of the houses in a triangle and the shift of the entrances to the apartments in the axis of the house supports the personal privacy of the inhabitants of this new residential area and differs from the usual terraced development.

12 semi-detached houses

The offered apartments, each on one half of the house, are two-storey, with their own entrance, with a garden with a pergola and a garage. The ground floor has a living room with kitchenette and preparation for the kitchen. Upstairs there are three bedrooms, study and bathroom. Equipment standards are high quality, future owners can influence the choice of interior materials. There is a preparation for the kitchen and air conditioning units. The price of the house includes a landscaped garden with a wooden pergola. The houses are brick, bathroom equipment from the company Los Kachlos. Gas boiler heating. Outdoor blinds are installed in windows with insulating triple glazing. The houses are insulated, energy class B. The layouts are variable, with the possibility of three different solutions.


Family houses in Klecany are simple modern buildings that offer comfort and great variability of layout. They can be comfortably occupied by a large family with three children or a smaller family in need of a home office. They always provide enough privacy and a comfortable place to meet. The living rooms are sufficiently dimensioned and allow different variants of equipment. In the exterior, the living rooms are connected by garden terraces shaded by wooden pergolas. The pergolas are prepared for an electric awning.
The construction of the houses is massive, traditional, but with the use of modern materials and systems. The perimeter walls are made of ceramic bricks, which are very well thermally insulated on the outer surface. The ceilings are made of reinforced concrete and the roof also has above-standard thermal insulation. Thanks to this construction, the houses are excellently resistant to summer overheating. At the same time, these materials guarantee high static resistance, long service life and above-standard acoustic properties. The ceilings are always dimensioned for the entire width of the house and the layout inside the house is variable.
The houses are low-energy, with low demands on energy consumption and are already very comfortably equipped. They are heated by modern gas condensing boilers with high efficiency. These boilers also heat hot water with a large tank, which guarantees comfortable setting of the water temperature and a sufficient supply whenever needed. The ladders in the bathrooms have electric heating cartridges for summer operation for year-round drying of towels. In addition to summer overheating, all windows of the house have electrically operated window blinds and preparation for air conditioning units in the living rooms. All wiring for air conditioning is therefore already built-in and you only need to connect without any construction modifications to the unit according to the owner's wishes.

In front of the houses there are richly dimensioned parking spaces and each house is equipped with a spacious garage, in which it will be possible to place bicycles, winter tires, or a small home workshop in addition to parking.


The immediate location of the project is favorable for future residents of the house. Directly on the border of the plot there is a kindergarten and a school, on the southern border there is a natural spring of the stream and from the east there are only open nature, woody plants and fields. Overall, the location is perfectly accessible, including all civic amenities surrounded with the natural beauty of the Vltava shore with the port and the historic ferry Klecánky - Roztoky, connecting Klecany with the left bank and Prague 6.


There are several suburban lines to the Kobylisy metro station (7.5 km away), the length of the journey is 15 minutes. The journey to the center of Prague takes about 20 minutes. The connection between the right and left banks of the Vltava is also provided by one of the already mentioned historic Vltava ferries. Cyclists and hikers can use the newly built cycle path. Klecany offers everyone the possibility of pleasant sitting and refreshments by the river. 8 km along the water are the Troja Botanical Garden and the Prague Zoo.

About the city of Klecany

Klecany belongs to the district of Prague-East, Central Bohemia. 3,062 inhabitants live here. There is a primary school, kindergartens, Montessori kindergartens, as well as a primary art school and the Municipal Library. There is also a nursing home, shops, restaurants, doctors, emergency services, a pharmacy and a veterinary clinic. Along the Vltava there is a newly built cycle path with a pleasant cage seating for all travelers.

Completion of the project autumn/winter 2020.