Sale of an apartment house with two mountain apartments 2+kt, 2+1, on a plot of 843 sqm, Borová Lada

159 m2 Borová Lada, Prachatice, South Bohemia Region 10 900 000 CZK per property

About real estate

We offer for sale two apartments - a ground floor apartment 2+kt and a loft apartment 2+1, in an apartment house of four residential units in the heart of the Šumava National Park in the village of Borová Lada. The apartments are located in a semi-detached house, where just the left half of the semi-detached house forms a separate housing unit of the two offered apartments connected by its own corridor and staircase. The apartments can be used separately or as a classic cottage. All this is seamlessly connected to the private garden.

The property is a wooden building approved in 2015. The ground floor apartment with a living area of 56 sqm with a terrace consists of a kitchen with dining room (23.5 sqm), a bedroom (18.9 sqm), a bathroom with toilet (7.7 sqm) and a hallway (5.7 sqm). The apartment is connected to a terrace of 30 sqm. The second apartment of 64 sqm is situated above the ground floor in the attic of the house. It consists of a kitchen with dining area (10.4 sqm), a bedroom (15.8 sqm), a second bedroom (19.7 sqm), a bathroom (6.8 sqm), a separate toilet (1.5 sqm), a hallway (9.7 sqm) and an access staircase (4.2 sqm). Both apartments share a utility room (6.8 sqm), which is located at the entrance to the building, as well as an entrance hall (4.8 sqm) and a sauna with a hallway (9 sqm).
The entrance hallway to the semi-detached house and the sauna with a hallway is a shared space with the other two apartments located in the right part of the semi-detached house.
The main entrance to the semi-detached house (4.8 sqm) can be easily divided into two halves and the semi-detached house can have its own separate main entrance as is common in conventional semi-detached houses.

The house is insulated, the heating is electric, with underfloor heating installed in the bathrooms and the lower kitchen and dining room. There is a heat recovery system in place to ensure adequate ventilation. The windows are wooden, euro, triple glazed. Water is supplied from the municipal water supply, the building is connected to the sewerage system. Everything is in perfect condition. Internet is routed through the air. The whole property is furnished to a high standard and with sensitivity and is sold including equipment. The monthly overhead of both apartments in total is 3.200 CZK.

Half of the semi-detached house for sale is adjoined by its own garden of 843 sqm. The windows of both apartments also lead to this private garden.
As part of the sale It is also possible to buy a garage of 18 sqm for the price of 500,000 CZK, which is in the immediate vicinity of the property.

The property is suitable for both a larger family and a multi-generational family, as well as an investment opportunity for rentals or a combination of owner-occupation and renting.

The village of Borová Lada is one of the very popular tourist destinations in the Bohemian Forest. Nearby are the ski resorts of Kvilda, Zadov, Churanov, Mitterdorf, Hochficht and others. There are many cross-country skiing trails for cross-country skiers. There are many opportunities for hiking, cyclists, families with children and strollers. The natural peat bogs - Chalupská Slat, Jezerní Slat, the beautiful nature of Bučina or Knížecký Plainy, the Boubínský prales and other corners of Šumava are some of the most beautiful places in the Czech Republic. Bavaria is also very close by, with other possibilities for enjoyment.

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10 900 000 CZK per property



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159 m2

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