Sale of castle building Kounice, 9400 sqm, on a plot of 5.6 ha, Kounice

9 400 m2 Kounice, Nymburk, Central Bohemia on request

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We offer for sale Kounice castle with castle buildings and land near Prague. The Baroque building still has a Renaissance layout, it is four-winged, two-storeyed with an irregular square plan, which defines a spacious courtyard.

The preserved part of the arcaded gallery on the ground floor of the courtyard and the ceiling of the entrance wing are glazed with lunette arches. The main façade of the castle is decorated with a Baroque portal with a time indication of the castle's reconstruction. The eastern side of the castle is flanked by ground-floor stone stables and a two-storey Baroque granary with rectangular windows in a stone lining. To the north of the granary is the perpendicular torso of the original barn, of which only the outer walls and the vaulted cellar remain. The last building in the complex is a two-storey longitudinal building adjoining the northern corner of the castle. It is connected to the building by a neck and several springholes on the first floor. The plain facades are open with regularly spaced windows in stone lining, the roof is hipped. The interiors on the ground floor are vaulted mainly with vaults in oval waisted arches with triangular sections.

The chateau, together with the residential office building and the granary in the farm area, is registered in the Central List of Immovable Cultural Monuments of the Czech Republic under number 12839/2 – 1838. In the zoning plan of the municipality, the Kounický chateau complex is defined as a specific multifunctional area intended for housing (and buildings fulfilling the additional function of housing such as garages), civic amenities (non-productive service establishments, public accommodation and public catering), recreation (sports facilities) and communications providing service within the territory.

The castle is a 30-minute drive from the center of Prague, a 10-minute drive from its border. The village of Kounice is located in the picturesque landscape and has full civic amenities.

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