Sale of an observation tower with a service house in Krkonoše, a plot of 3000 sqm, Roprachtice

170 m2 Roprachtice, Semily, Liberec Region 9 500 000 CZK per property

About real estate

We offer for sale a completely unique property in the Krkonoše Mountains, which includes an observation tower and a service house standing on a fenced plot. The property is situated on a hill overlooking a wide landscape on the outskirts of the village of Roprachtice in the Semily district.

The height of the stone part of the tower is 13 m, the height of the superstructure in steel/wood with open and covered view (360°) to the countryside is 5 m. The internal ten-legged staircase, each with seven steps, is illuminated by seven windows from the perimeter walls. The entrance to the tower is formed by a historic oak door which retains its original hinges and handles. They are protected by a hand-forged and galvanised decorative grille. The roof of the tower is covered with copper sheeting. The tower is ventilated and a lightning rod is installed. It was approved in 2009. Parking is available in the adjacent private car park.

The service building, part of which is classically timbered, consists of a service room (29.5 sqm), two toilets with a hallway (5.5 sqm), a small storage room (2.6 sqm) and a large room (41.4 sqm). The exhibits are not for sale and will of course be removed. There is provision for possible water and waste connections for a change of use. There is a window of unbreakable glass and a door with a grille between the service room and the museum room. Under the roof there is a large uninsulated attic (91 sqm) where the batteries of the solar power plant are located. The service room is heated by a wood-burning stove, the chimney is modular with a steel liner. The roof of the whole building is covered with Tondach tiles. The floor is covered with tiles. A small cellar in the floor, where a 100 l pressure vessel is located, receives water from a borehole. This house was approved in 2016.

From the tower you can see Ještěd, Černá hora, Kozí hřbety, Orlické Mountains, Bezděz, Milešovka, Ralsko hill.

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9 500 000 CZK per property


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170 m2



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