Sale of manor Prčice, 597 ha, Sedlec-Prčice

3 316 m2 Sedlec-Prčice, Příbram, Central Bohemia Sold

About real estate

We offer a unique opportunity to buy the Prčice estate with a total area of approximately 597 ha. The estate consists of the castle grounds and the land belonging to the estate. The manor itself is located in the town of Prčice, other land is in the municipality of Prčice. Divišovice, Heřmaničky, Jetřichovice, Kvasejovice, Libenice u Tábora, Měšetice, Nové Dvory u Kvasejovic, Orlov u Jistebnice, Prčice, Sedlec u Votice and Vrchotice. The land comprises mostly forests, arable land, meadows and ponds.

The Prčice estate, with a total area of 597 ha, consists of: forests - 491 ha, water areas - 19.5 ha; of which ponds - 14.5 ha, arable land - 56 ha, permanent grassland - 17.7 ha, other areas - 12.5 ha.

In the centre of Sedlec Prčice there is a castle with farm buildings, an adjacent park, meadows and two ponds. The park is surrounded by a Baroque enclosure wall with a main gate on the south and east sides, and the land is fenced on the north and west sides. Inside the park there is a residential house, which is not the subject of the offer and is also fenced. The earliest records of a noble residence date from the 12th century. Over time, the original castle was converted into a chateau and later rebuilt several times. The last owner before the nationalisation was Mr. Hásek, the general director of Škoda Plzeň, who bought the Prčice estate in 1924. After 1989, this inheritance was returned to the descendants of the original owner, who reconstructed it in the 1990s. The castle building is almost square in plan. There are preserved cellars with a vaulted ceiling in the basement. The castle has three floors above ground. There are 24 rooms and 10 bathrooms, a kitchen (preparation room) and an entrance hall that connects the floors. On the ground floor were the social and service rooms of the building. The first and second floors include rooms with facilities. The castle building is approximately 90% renovated. The current owners have respected the layout of the rooms from the early 20th century. The vaults have been preserved, parquet floors have been repaired or added, toilets with bathrooms have been completed. New electricity and water supply systems have been installed in the castle. The main hall is heated by a solid fuel stove, the ground floor has underfloor heating. The rooms are equipped with radiators. Everything is heated by an air pump. The water is supplied from the town mains. There is also a well on the property which has not been restored by the current owners. The mansion is connected to the sewerage system. The furnishings of the castle have not been preserved.

The other buildings of the farmyard have not been reconstructed. Only the roofs have been replaced, except for building no. 170.
The chateau with the farmyard, the park, the walls and the gate are an immovable cultural monument and the whole area is located in the urban conservation area. The properties are free of any restrictions on ownership rights; except for easements in favour of the units of the apartment building to the extent of the access road and networks registered on the title deed, otherwise the properties and other immovable assets are not encumbered by third party rights.

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