Sale of a Baroque castle Cítoliby, 10559 sqm, Cítoliby

3 786 m2 Tyršovo náměstí, Cítoliby, Louny, Ústí nad Labem Region 17 500 000 CZK per property

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We offer for sale the early baroque single-story three-winged castle Cítoliby, located in the town of Cítoliby. This beautiful and extremely interesting village is situated in a gently undulating landscape just two kilometers from the west Bohemian town of Louny. The castle building forms an interesting urban unit with the church. With its main facade and its axially disposed entrance, the castle faces the western front facade of the church. The interconnection is further emphasized by the Holy Trinity column built in the middle of the junction of the two buildings. The elevated terrain of the southwest corner of the small Tyršovo Square gives the historic building a naturally dominant position.

The main entrance opens into the castle courtyard. On both sides, under the arcade, you enter the opposite wings. The individual floors are connected by monumental staircases and on each floor corridors from the courtyard connect the living areas. From the ballroom with a Baroque fireplace in the left wing, a stone garden bridge leads to the terraced garden. The castle has cellars under its two wings. The castle is also a protected cultural monument.

On the site of the present early Baroque chateau there used to be a fortress, which was built between 1543 and 1562. It was probably built as an extension of an even older nobleman's dwelling, which may have encroached on the massive body of the later chateau, causing some irregularities in the composition of the basement under the north wing. The real predecessor of the contemporary castle building was the Renaissance chateau (the original fortress rebuilt in the late 16th century in the Renaissance style). Only a part of the cellars from the different construction stages under the north and south wings of the castle remain from this oldest building phase. It was not until the early Baroque reconstruction under the direction of the architect Giovanni Domenico Orsi in the early eighteenth century that the present-day layout of the castle was determined.

Enclosed from the outside by a wall, the garden is accessible from the ballroom on the second floor of the side wing, from which it is entered via a stone arched bridge and also through a gate from the corner of the square. In the garden there are visible stone terraces and a semicircular stone staircase set into one of the terraces at the top.

The town of Cítoliby has an unprecedented number of other historical monuments - a church, a baroque waterworks, an old school, a hospital, the Holy Trinity Column, the statue of Youth (created by the renowned Bohemian sculptor Matthias Bernard Braun), and numerous others. The surrounding region of Lounsko has a large number of architectural gems. The area attracts not only sightseers, but also excursionists and sportsmen. The village and the surrounding larger towns (Louny and Zatec) are full of civic amenities.

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17 500 000 CZK per property


Tyršovo náměstí, Cítoliby, Louny, Ústí nad Labem Region





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