Sale of a baroque-classical chateau in the breathtaking landscape of Sedlčany

1 350 m2 Sedlčany, Příbram, Central Bohemia on request

About real estate

We offer for sale 100 % of the commercial share of a perfectly restored baroque-classical chateau in Sedlčany.

The grounds of the listed castle are located 35 km from the Prague ring road, about 40 minutes drive from the centre of Prague. The first building on the site was mentioned in 1318. Reconstruction into a Baroque chateau took place in 1729, another neoclassical reconstruction in 1873 and the last reconstruction in 2005-2009. The castle is ready for private housing and company headquarters. The mansion has four bathrooms, a stair hall and 17 rooms. The interior floor plans have been returned to their original state (1729). There are no corridors and one can walk freely from one room to another. The arrangement of the rooms has a logical continuity according to use. The enfilade has been restored on the 2nd floor.

Significant heritage values:
Baroque mansard roof, wooden neck vault, uncovered and reconstructed wall paintings from 1700, 1750, cast iron columns and wrought iron railings from 1880, sculptures in the park from 1878-1882, the largest Thuja Plicata (giant kingfisher) in the country

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on request


Sedlčany, Příbram, Central Bohemia





Usable area

1 350 m2

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