Sale of a plot of 5473 sqm, with building permit for a villa up to 4+kt, area of 530 sqm and an outhouse, Prague 8 - Bohnice

5 473 m2 U Drahaně, Praha 8 34 800 000 CZK per property

About real estate

We offer for sale a building plot with a building permit for a villa in the style of French countryside called ČISTOTA in a quiet natural location near Drahaň Park in Prague 8 - Bohnice.

The plot of 5473 sqm including utilities is part of the architectural project Zahrada snů, which includes five plots with individual unique houses in Provençal style. This is the largest plot of land in this location. The plot is corner, slightly sloping and undulating. There are plenty of mature coniferous trees, two lime trees and fruit trees. According to the garden project, which is also included in the sale price, maple, cherry, fly trees, willow, birch or pear trees are planned for the garden. The generous size of the plot allows for the construction of an outhouse with a built-up area of 30 sqm and a usable area of 45 sqm for breeding small animals or stabling horses, including a small paddock. A swimming pond of 230 sqm is planned next to the villa.

The proposed villa ČISTOTA is part of a residential complex and encloses a jointly formed caravan from the entrance on the right side. It is oriented longitudinally to the village, the entrance to the house is located on the south façade through a glazed bay. The house has a rectangular plan, glazed on the south side by a two-storey bay - buttress. The gabled roof is complemented by arched dormers. The house has three floors, a basement, a ground floor and a residential attic. The villa project has a built-up area of 223 sqm and a usable area of 530 sqm. The layout is variable, namely 2-4 + bedrooms. The villa is energy efficient.

The project of villa ČISTOTA follows the harmony of nature. It will provide the future owner not only comfort, but also timeless architecture and unique technologies. Airy spaces, light penetrations, open views of the house's wooden structure beams and glazed window areas open up views of the large garden, creating a free and relaxed atmosphere. The whole project is mindful of the quiet and discreet location of each of the villas. There are two drilled wells on the property.

The project proposes four parking spaces (three underground and one above ground). The price also includes a 1/5th share in the land that forms the caravan and driveway to the property.

The plot is located just 5 minutes by car from the metro. The location offers all civic amenities.

Property parameters

Order number



34 800 000 CZK per property


U Drahaně, Praha 8





Land area

5 473 m2

All parameters

Project detail

The order Size Electricity Water Gas Sewerage Price / m2 Price
N5977 2 438 m2 400V Long-distance water supply No WWTOP for the whole building 8 121 CZK 19 800 000 CZK Detail
N5978 800 m2 400V Long-distance water supply No WWTOP for the whole building 17 250 CZK 13 800 000 CZK Detail
N5979 2 378 m2 400V Long-distance water supply No WWTOP for the whole building 8 326 CZK 19 800 000 CZK Detail
N5980 2 578 m2 400V Long-distance water supply No WWTOP for the whole building 7 680 CZK 19 800 000 CZK Detail
N5981 5 473 m2 400V Long-distance water supply No WWTOP for the whole building 6 358 CZK 34 800 000 CZK Detail

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