Dulce Bay's Homes Cañaza, a new residential project on the pristine beaches of the Pacific, Costa Rica

Introducing Dulce Bay's Homes Cañaza villas

Villas by the virgin beaches of the Pacific

Cañaza, Kostarika

Introducing Dulce Bay's Homes Cañaza

A second home amidst the tropical nature of the fertile OSA peninsula - this is an opportunity to be explored! Minimalist tropical home design, fertile expansive gardens and the ocean within a 5 minute walk. What's more - a unique opportunity for an attractive investment. This is Dulce Bay's Homes Cañaza villa project.

Dulce Bay's Homes Cañaza

Discover the beauty of Costa Rica!

The newly built villas, designed by a Costa Rican architect, are situated on a beautiful flat plot with their own extensive tropical garden with trees and shrubs ranging from 1 to 5 thousand m2. In addition to the pleasant atmosphere of the design house, you will also get your own unique green privacy. Of course, the offer of the property is also connected with the offer of its management in terms of maintenance of the house and the garden, as well as real estate services for rent or later sale. The interest in renting is also supported by colourful experiential programmes including, for example, whale watching or horseback trips, in addition to surfing, Costa Rican cooking school, etc. Visitation to the site has only increased in recent years and rental income is around 50-70 thousand per month. What's more, property prices are trending upwards by more than 10% a year!

Offer of villas

The order Layout Usable area Living area Terrace / Balcony / Loggia Land Price
DB-BAL 2 rooms 64 m2 64 m2 26 m2 / No / No 5 033 m2 5 311 846 CZK Detail
DB-DEL 3 rooms 144 m2 130 m2 25 m2 / No / No 5 153 m2 6 995 509 CZK Detail
DB-TIB 4 rooms 187 m2 150 m2 17 m2 / No / No 8 779 m2 9 774 151 CZK Detail

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A lifestyle that will absorb you

Much more than just an investment

It's not just a great investment. You get much more - an eco-friendly lifestyle. Your own spring water, exotic fruits from your garden or flying tropical birds will become your reality. The plots of the individual villas have abundant springs and contain quality fertile soil. In addition to the appreciation of your investment, these increasingly important assets contribute mightily to the enrichment of your own life. The houses are well built. Years of experience in building in tropical Latin America have been used in the construction.

Standards and processing

Enjoy the comfort and views

The villas are built into the ground or placed on a strong iron structure, depending on the nature of the land. The individual villas are then designed in one to three bedroom layouts, with the lounge area meaningfully separated from the bedrooms and bathrooms by an entrance hallway. Timber and ceramic tiles are standard in the interiors and it is possible to choose superior tropical woods. Roofs protect the residents from rain and sun, while the house offers unobstructed views of its tropical garden and landscape. The roofs can also be supplemented with solar panels for even greater self-sufficiency.


High standards for your comfort


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Osa Peninsula - a green paradise in Costa Rica

Dulce Bay's Homes Cañaza location is close to pristine Pacific beaches. It's a paradise where you can watch sunsets, cormorants and dolphins. The Osa Peninsula is the perfect spot. The sea temperature here averages a pleasant 30 degrees Celsius all year round. Costa Rica is also an energy self-sufficient country thanks to geothermal systems, and the only country that has completely stopped deforestation! It is even still reforesting its territories and therefore has many exotic national parks and countless protected areas. Here you will find the greatest biodiversity, volcanic mountains, a large number of beautiful waterfalls and much more.