Nová Chýně

Nová Chýně
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Project location

City of Chýně

The city of Chýně is located on the western outskirts of Prague, just 14 km from its centre, between Hostivice (in the north-east) and Rudna (in the south-west). The Litovický brook flows through the city with two ponds - Bašta and Strahovský rybník, restored in 1999. There are about 4 657 inhabitants (2023) with an average age of 33 years. There are excellent civic amenities. The surrounding landscape is mainly agricultural and the areas around the Litovický Brook, which are the target of intensive restoration and reclamation, offer relaxation in nature and invite for pleasant walks.

The area of the city is 5.00 km². The altitude is 370 m above sea level and there are thousands of houses standing around. The city has complete utilities, including a new sewage treatment plant.

The management of the city is working intensively on continuous improvement of civic amenities - paving roads, expanding the kindergarten and building a new school. The proximity to the capital, excellent transport accessibility and the cleanest air in the vicinity of Prague has led to the rapid development of Chýně, but although the city is turning into a small town, it retains the advantages of quiet city living and many local associations organize many interesting events here, maintaining old and establishing new traditions.



Great accessibility

Nové Chýně is easily accessible by car, regional bus or train. From here you can easily reach the D5 motorway, the R6 (Karlovy Vary), R7 (Slánská) or R1 (Prague ring road). Since 2014, Chýně has also been served by the railway line 122 with two train stops Chýně and Chýně-jih. Bus connections to metro B-Zličín and metro A-Motol are provided by regional lines 347 and 358 and the journey takes only 12 minutes.

Nová Chýně

Civic amenities the city of Chýně is rich. There is a new primary school and kindergarten (built 2017) and a second newer kindergarten is right in the Nová Chýně project. For relaxation and recreation there are parks, playgrounds and places around ponds or a natural swimming pool with a sandy beach. There is of course a municipal office, library, post office, GP, shops, restaurant, sports hall. There are many cultural events and various interest groups, including senior citizens' associations, are active here.

The civic amenities are extended by the rich offer of the Metropole Zličín shopping centre and many other shops in the area, including IKEA, Tesco, Globus, Datart, DM drogerie, PetCenter, Starbucks and many others, just a minute's drive away.


Everything at hand

The project site is surrounded by the forests of the Voděradské bučin, the valley of the Šembery, Jevanska or Vyžlovka with a natural swimming pool. Thanks to its natural beauty, it is green, healthy and offers a liberating lifestyle, but it is also seamlessly accessible to and from larger cities with all their amenities. From the Red Oak Oasis, you can drive, take the bus and, when connected, take the train anytime. You may not need to travel anywhere often or far, as Kostelec itself offers a wealth of amenities that are constantly developing. But if you do - it won't be a problem. You can reach the Prague Metro station Černý most in 30 minutes by car, and the city centre in about 50 minutes. The bus to the Háje station runs almost directly from the project in just half an hour. From Říčany you can take the train to Prague Main Station in 27 min. In Brod you are by car and bus in 15 min and in Říčany in half an hour.