Sale of a Baroque castle Brody u Podbořan, 12250 sqm, Krásný Dvůr

1 640 m2 Krásný Dvůr, Brody, Louny, Ústí nad Labem Region 7 100 000 CZK per property

About real estate

We offer for sale the charming Baroque chateau Brody u Podbořan on a hill above the village with breathtaking views of the fertile undulating landscape. The castle stands on the edge of the valley of the Leskovský brook with a ford (hence the name Brody) at an altitude of 345 m, 2 km from Krásný Dvůr near Podbořany in the Louny district. The usable area of the castle is 1640 sqm and a part of the attic will be used for future use.

From the main entrance in the front of the chateau building you enter a large hall, from which you enter two symmetrically arranged wings. Opposite the main entrance, the opposite door leads to the castle courtyard and garden with a stone pool (still beautifully preserved). On the sides opposite this entrance there used to be a double staircase connecting the floors, which was probably walled up on one side during the last reconstruction in 1918. The symmetrical arches on the sides are still visible under the plaster.

At the rear of the extensive grounds is a man-made stone basin (c.30x10x1.5-2m), with stone steps leading to it. The castle building is connected to the left side by a smaller annex of 139.5 sqm (including a 60 sqm attic), which can serve as an office/apartment for the caretaker or a utility house in the future. The property has been a cultural monument since 1964. The castle is located about an hour from Prague.

The one-storey Baroque chateau with a chapel consists of a rectangular two-storey building with two short side wings. The main part has a hipped roof with a small octagonal tower with an onion bay in the centre of the roof axis. The regular facade with ten window bays is decorated with a bay. Some of the rooms on the ground floor are cylindrically glazed. The first floor of the castle is flat-roofed. On the left is the entrance to the cellar, which is vaulted. The first major renovation of the castle took place in 1848 and the second renovation is commemorated by the year 1918 in the gable of the bay window. After 1945 the castle was occupied by employees of the state farm and the building was not maintained.

The castle and the land surrounding it can also be added to the farm, whose buildings and land with a total area of 20336 sqm (including the built-up area) are immediately adjacent to the property. The farm and its grounds have a beautiful view from the castle rooms towards the valley. This also offers an extension for business use. The price of the farm with adjacent land is 8.5 million CZK.

The surrounding is breathtaking. Nearby is Baroque castle Krásný Dvůr. It was built on the site of a Gothic fortress under František Josef Černín between 1720 - 1724 (who later acquired the Brody Chateau). The castle is connected to a unique English park of almost 100 ha. It was built 1783 - 1793 under Jan Rudolf Czernin. There are over 100 species of trees in the park, exclusively native or domesticated species. Also worth mentioning is the so-called French Garden, located on the eastern side.

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