Preparing exclusively: a new project of 22 industrial apartments, Prague 5

Pechlátova, Praha 5

About real estate

In a quiet green part of Prague 5, we are preparing an exclusive sale of a unique project of 22 original loft-style apartments with balconies and terraces, underground parking, and private gardens in Pechlátova street. The concept of this project will attract even the most demanding clients. The architecture is inspired by the distinctive character of the industrial buildings typical of this part of the city. The apartments are airy, their design creates a free and relaxed atmosphere and at the same time is based on interior precision and practicality. You will be able to choose from layouts from studios to 4+kt and generous roof lofts with terraces and panoramic views.

The project is a different dimension of life. It combines technology and the simple beauty of industrial design with a cozy everyday life. Its scope goes beyond the conventional view of ordinary luxury. The free, relaxed atmosphere of the interiors is underlined by the charm of the raw materials together with the extensive glazing. You will get your own terraced gardens for the apartments on a spacious plot of land behind the house, which forms part of the whole complex – hidden from the eyes of passers-by.

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