New residential project Garden Lofts - 22 apartments in industrial style, Prague 5

Pechlátova, Praha 5

About real estate

In a quiet green area of Prague 5 near Dívčí hrady, just a minute walk from the metro station B - Radlická, in the vicinity of the swimming pool, swimming pool and tennis courts, a new timeless residence in industrial style is being built.

Exclusively in our office, a total of 22 apartments with layouts from 1+kt to 5+kt with terraces, front gardens and balconies are now on sale. Overlooking the skyline, the residence also offers two loft apartments 4+kt with roof terraces. All apartments have a cellar.

With the apartments, the owners get an exceptional property and with it a space for healthy living and green assets - a terraced, creatively designed garden with trees, a workout zone and a garden pool, accessible to all residents for active and passive relaxation.

The author of the project is Czech architect Ing. Jan Kasl, the authors of the interiors and design are the artists behind the Morix studio - Mr. and Mrs. Pizinger, the builder is the well-known company SWIETELSKY stavební s.r.o. The scope of the concept of this residence goes beyond the conventional view of ordinary luxury. The free, relaxed atmosphere of the interiors is emphasised by the charm of the raw materials together with the extensive, industrial-style glazing of the front façade.

The residence has found its distinctive location below Dívčí hrady, in Pechlátova Street, on the edge of the green zone on the western slope of Mount Brabenec. Its inhabitants will be able to enjoy the peace and quiet of their own extensive garden, shielded from the bustle of the city by the original buildings, as well as the natural beauty of the nearby Prokop Valley or the Vidoule Nature Reserve. The project is designed for individual and family housing and is suitable for investment projects. The conveniences of metropolitan life with its amenities are also almost literally within reach. The Anděl shopping and cultural centre is a minute's drive or public transport ride away. Accessibility to the centre of Prague is also smooth. From the residence, you can walk to metro B - Radlická or tram No. 7 or 21 in a few minutes. If you go out of Prague, you can reach the Smichov tunnel or the Prague ring road in a few minutes.

Project detail

The order Layout Floor Living area Terrace / Balcony / Loggia Garden Price
GL-01 2 + kitchenette 1st floor 51 m2 No / 4 m2 / No No Reserved Detail
GL-02 5 + kitchenette 1st floor 112 m2 Yes / 3 m2 / No Yes (44 m2) Reserved Detail
GL-03 3 + kitchenette 1st floor 63 m2 Yes / No / No Yes (64 m2) 17 124 500 CZK Detail
GL-04 2 + kitchenette 1st floor 39 m2 Yes / No / No Yes (40 m2) Reserved Detail
GL-05 2 + kitchenette 1st floor 39 m2 Yes / No / No Yes (40 m2) Sold Detail
GL-06 4 + kitchenette 1st floor 113 m2 Yes / 4 m2 / No Yes (54 m2) Reserved Detail
GL-07 1 + kitchenette 1st floor 50 m2 No / No / No No 8 878 250 CZK Detail
GL-08 2 + kitchenette 2nd floor 51 m2 No / 4 m2 / No No Sold Detail
GL-09 4 + kitchenette 2nd floor 106 m2 No / 3 m2 / 8 m2 No Reserved Detail
GL-10 2 + kitchenette 2nd floor 58 m2 No / No / 8 m2 No Sold Detail
GL-11 1 + kitchenette 2nd floor 39 m2 No / No / No No Reserved Detail
GL-12 1 + kitchenette 2nd floor 40 m2 No / No / No No Reserved Detail
GL-13 3 + kitchenette 2nd floor 109 m2 No / 4 m2 / 6 m2 No Sold Detail
GL-14 1 + kitchenette 2nd floor 49 m2 No / No / No No 9 078 800 CZK Detail
GL-15 2 + kitchenette 3rd floor 51 m2 No / 4 m2 / No No Sold Detail
GL-16 4 + kitchenette 3rd floor 106 m2 No / 2 m2 / 8 m2 No Sold Detail
GL-17 2 + kitchenette 3rd floor 58 m2 No / No / 8 m2 No Sold Detail
GL-18 2 + kitchenette 3rd floor 67 m2 No / No / No No Sold Detail
GL-19 3 + kitchenette 3rd floor 101 m2 No / 4 m2 / 6 m2 No Sold Detail
GL-20 2 + kitchenette 3rd floor 53 m2 No / No / No No Reserved Detail
GL-21 3 + kitchenette 4th floor 112 m2 53 m2 / No / No No Sold Detail
GL-22 4 + kitchenette 4th floor 126 m2 59 m2 / No / No No on request Detail

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