Sale of an apartment 2+kt, 66,7 sqm, in the project Garden Lofts, Prague 5 - Pechlátova str.

67 m2 Pechlátova, Praha 5 Sold

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We offer for sale designer apartment 2+t with living area of 66,74 sqm in unique development project Garden Lofts in Pechlátova street, Prague 5.

The apartment is situated on 3rd floor. The interior includes a hallway, a spacious living room with a kitchenette, a bedroom, a bathroom with a shower and a separate toilet. The apartment has a parking space in the underground garage and a brick cellar.

The residence has a private garden (2 495 sqm). It is situated on a sunny slope, which is terminated in the upper part by a wooded area. The different levels will create sufficient privacy for the owners of the apartments and provide the possibility of a variety of uses. On the lower level there is a garden pool with residence terraces for sitting. In the garden, gazebos with facilities for barbecues, picnics, etc. will promote privacy. The higher levels of the garden offer raised beds for growing vegetables or herbs. The upper level then has a fire pit with bench seating for evenings by the fire. Completely above will be facilities for children with play elements, as well as elements for sports and fitness activities.

The house will be built of reinforced concrete frame, complemented by timber structures and solid, high quality insulating glazing. Heating is provided by a central gas boiler and underfloor heating distribution in all rooms. The bathrooms will have designer heating elements. Large-format aluminium windows with triple glazing in an industrial design from the prestigious Austrian window manufacturer Reynaers will be equipped (except for the northern facade facing the street) with aluminium roller shutters. The apartments will include air conditioning and a smart home. The floors will feature a stylish combination of wood, designer concrete finishes and ceramic tiles. The project offers upscale materials with acknowledged industrial elements, with designer tiles and fittings from Elite Bath in the bathrooms. The main focus is on originality, functionality and aesthetics.

The general contractor is SWIETELSKI, one of the leading construction companies on our market.

Completion: summer 2023.

It is a green zone, quiet and away from the main Radlická street, from which it is screened by massive original buildings. Accessibility to the city centre is easy, from the residence you can walk in 8 minutes to metro B - Radlická. It is also possible to take trams No. 7 or 21 to the centre, whose stop is again only a few minutes away. When travelling outside of Prague, you can easily reach the Smichov Tunnel and the Prague Ring Road within minutes. A stone's throw away is a network of shops, schools and stores in Smíchov Anděl with cultural stalls, entertainment centres, offices, banks, medical care, etc. The swimming pool with tennis courts, the Kutvirtova street workout playground and the Brabenecký Hill, Dívčí hrady or the nearby Prokopské údolí are just a few minutes' walk away.

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Usable area

67 m2

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Project detail

The order Layout Floor Usable area Living area Terrace / Balcony / Loggia Garden Price
GL-01 2 + kitchenette 1st floor 55 m2 51 m2 No / 4 m2 / No No Sold Detail
GL-02 5 + kitchenette 1st floor 191 m2 112 m2 Yes / 3 m2 / No Yes (44 m2) Sold Detail
GL-03 3 + kitchenette 1st floor 159 m2 63 m2 Yes / No / No Yes (64 m2) Sold Detail
GL-04 2 + kitchenette 1st floor 100 m2 39 m2 Yes / No / No Yes (40 m2) Sold Detail
GL-05 2 + kitchenette 1st floor 110 m2 39 m2 Yes / No / No Yes (40 m2) Sold Detail
GL-06 4 + kitchenette 1st floor 204 m2 113 m2 Yes / 4 m2 / No Yes (54 m2) Sold Detail
GL-07 1 + kitchenette 1st floor 50 m2 50 m2 No / No / No No Sold Detail
GL-08 2 + kitchenette 2nd floor 55 m2 51 m2 No / 4 m2 / No No Sold Detail
GL-09 4 + kitchenette 2nd floor 117 m2 106 m2 No / 3 m2 / 8 m2 No Sold Detail
GL-10 2 + kitchenette 2nd floor 66 m2 58 m2 No / No / 8 m2 No Sold Detail
GL-11 1 + kitchenette 2nd floor 39 m2 39 m2 No / No / No No Sold Detail
GL-12 1 + kitchenette 2nd floor 40 m2 40 m2 No / No / No No Sold Detail
GL-13 3 + kitchenette 2nd floor 119 m2 109 m2 No / 4 m2 / 6 m2 No Sold Detail
GL-14 1 + kitchenette 2nd floor 49 m2 49 m2 No / No / No No Reserved Detail
GL-15 2 + kitchenette 3rd floor 55 m2 51 m2 No / 4 m2 / No No Sold Detail
GL-16 4 + kitchenette 3rd floor 116 m2 106 m2 No / 2 m2 / 8 m2 No Sold Detail
GL-17 2 + kitchenette 3rd floor 66 m2 58 m2 No / No / 8 m2 No Sold Detail
GL-18 2 + kitchenette 3rd floor 67 m2 67 m2 No / No / No No Sold Detail
GL-19 3 + kitchenette 3rd floor 111 m2 101 m2 No / 4 m2 / 6 m2 No Sold Detail
GL-20 2 + kitchenette 3rd floor 53 m2 53 m2 No / No / No No Sold Detail
GL-21 3 + kitchenette 4th floor 165 m2 112 m2 53 m2 / No / No No Sold Detail
GL-22 4 + kitchenette 4th floor 191 m2 132 m2 59 m2 / No / No No Sold Detail
GL-K1 Bussiness Units ground floor 99 m2 99 m2 No / No / No No 11 950 000 CZK Detail
GL-K2 Offices ground floor 100 m2 100 m2 No / No / No No 11 990 000 CZK Detail

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