FENG SHUI: Do you have your home furnished due to its principles?

FENG SHUI: Do you have your home furnished due to its principles?

The art of feng shui has become a big phenomenon over the last few years, especially in the field of housing. According to feng shui, the combination of colors, the materials used and the spatial arrangement of the furniture all have an impact on our mood, happiness and satisfaction. Break through the secrets of ancient feng shui with us and see if you have a household in line with this ancient Chinese teaching.


When we arrange our own home, we do it so that it bring us the feelings of joy, happiness and positivity. We can achieve this goal in many ways – with nice furniture, elegant decorations or favorite colors. The truth is that the ancient feng shui concept, which has become a huge phenomenon all over the world, can also be used in this endeavor.


What is feng shui and how did it originate?


Feng shui is a traditional Chinese teaching that has been thousands of years old. It is based on ancient philosophical principles and deals with the question of equilibrium in space together with the harmonious flow of energy. As mentioned above, feng shui learning is most commonly used in homes, but workspaces, including offices, conference rooms and auditoriums, are not an exception.


Focusing on housing, feng shui experts believe that this philosophy will help you create a pleasant and harmonious home. According to them, feng shui can attract prosperity, maintain balance in relationships, improve health, through proper spatial arrangement and use of colors.




Principles of feng shui for a harmonious home


Ancient Chinese thinkers believed that home was a mirror of the soul. According to them, every little thing plays a role, including the placement of furniture, the orientation of the apartment / house room to a certain cardinal point, or the overall cleanliness of individual spaces.


Read interior design tips to see how well your living complies with this Chinese concept.

Hallway and entrance door


And let's start with the front door – as one Chinese proverb says: A properly furnished entrance is more valuable than a suitably equipped rest of the house. In addition, entrance doors have a very important role to play in feng shui: they represent a symbol of wealth.


As far as the hall is concerned, according to feng shui, it should be clean and tidy enough to allow energy to flow naturally. To achieve this, it is recommended to use cabinets in order to maintain as much free space as possible. If you want to encourage the flow of energy even more, be sure to put a mirror and flowers in the hall.




The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home and no wonder – it is a place where the whole family meets together. According to the teachings of feng shui, it deserves special attention.


Let's start with the kitchen desk. It is the most distinctive element of the whole room and its location according to this Chinese teaching is very important. According to feng shui, the area of ​​the kitchen unit should always be turned towards the front door in order to increase energy flow. At the same time, however, the opposite door should never lead to the bedroom – food vapors could disrupt the „yin“ zone and significantly affect sleep quality.


In terms of overall impression and color, we should ensure that the kitchen has enough natural light and at the same time painted in light tones. Regarding its shape, we should avoid any recesses – the kitchen should have a regular shape without larger built-up structures, again for better energy flow.




Living room


It is also worth mentioning the living room, which according to feng shui should be sufficiently large and bright. The most important element is the whole sofa, which should be placed facing the door. Sitting back with the comers is completely inappropriate in this situation.

Like the front door, the living room table should be clean and undamaged – in this case it symbolizes health. It is therefore a good idea to put a vase of live flowers here, which will attract the positive energy even more.

It is also good to stick to light tones and soft warm tones in this room like light yellow, orange, beige or cream. But you will not make a mistake with other pastel colors.






The bedrooms should represent a zone of peace, rest and inspiration. Yet many of us wake up with no energy. According to feng shui teachings, this happen due to poor energy flow because of improper arrangement of objects in the interior.

Principle 1 is: Clear all clutter. Throw everything out of the closets and don't forget the space under the bed – it should be completely empty according to this Chinese teaching. Many stored things in these places take energy and prevent good sleep.

You should also pay attention to the mirrors. It is not recommended to hang it against a window or bed – in this position it reflects light, which leads to energy loss.




Kids room


According to feng shui experts, furnishing a kids room is a real challenge. It is necessary to combine space for sleeping, playing and learning in one space.


Feng shui says that the room should be imaginatively divided into three parts – active for games (yang), resting for sleep (yin) and neutral for study. The zones should then be clearly separated, for example with a carpet or screen.


Also, there should be no TV, telephones or any other electrical appliances in the kids room that would interfere with the flow of energy. The same applies to large plants and massive pieces of furniture.


Whether you like philosophical theories or not, Chinese Feng Shui teachings offer original tips on how to arrange the interior and restore balance. Get inspired by this interesting philosophy and experience its effect on yourself. It is up to you to decide whether or not feng shui works.


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