Historic location of Tuchoměřice - the last apartments available in a very successful project at Kněžívce

Historic location of Tuchoměřice - the last apartments available in a very successful project at Kněžívce

The history of the village


The first mention of the village dates from 1301. The oldest place in Tuchoměřice is Kněžívka, in the past the village of the Prague duke. Archaeological finds confirm the existence of large prehistoric settlements from the 4th – 3rd centuries BC. Village of Tuchoměřice (church and fara) is mentioned in papal registers from 1352.


At that time, Heliáš, the owner of the Tuchoměřice estate, rented for himself and his wife Markéta from the Monastery in Plas a Choteč forest, where he based a farmhouse. Later the estate was owned by several Prague burghers. In 1407, the owner was Čeněk z Valdštejna, who secured the dowry of his wife Eliska of Obříství at the farm. But already in 1410 Tuchoměřice it has been sold to Habart from Nedvídek in Přelice. The owners then turned in fast frequences. In 1436 Kateřina of Tepenc – the wife of Hynek from Valdštejn to Rukštejn, referred to her sons the dowry insured in Tuchoměřice. Soon afterwards Zbyněk of Házmburk appears. In 1483 Hynek Pihelský from Házmburk died. At the beginning of the 16th century, the farm was owned by Bernard Glac of the Old Court and then Baltazar Peřina of Sloupno. He sold the estate to Jan Sluzký of Chlum. The members of this family have been living in the Tuchoměřice for centuries. Thanks to them, the original Gothic fortress was rebuilt into a Renaissance noble residence. Tuchoměřice became one of the important centers of the Czech Brothers.


In 1615 Otto Jindřich of Vartenberk purchased the Tuchoměřice chateau with its courtyard, brewery, mills and village Tuchoměřice with a fishermen's cottage in Muráň, the village of Kněžívka, the fortress and the courtyard of Čičovice, the village of Malé and Velké Čičovice. Although in 1616 he insured the dowry of his wife Dorota Boryňová of Lhota on this estate, he did not hold Tuchoměřice for a long time and sold it before 1623 to the Jesuit college at St. Kliment in Prague. At the site of the old church of St. Vitos and Linhart and the former medieval fortress, a new church and Jesuit residence were built in 1666 – 1668. The church was built with the participation of the Italian architect Giovanni Domenico Orsini. The wall paintings are from Josef Kramolin (1768). The Jesuits kept the Tuchoměřický farm and the nearby Okoř castle until the order of the Emperor Joseph II was abolished in 1773.


The archaeological artifacts from Tuchoměřice and surrounding villages are enormously rich and confirm that this area has been part of the most densely populated area of ​​Bohemia since the prehistory. It was probably due to the good configuration of the terrain, the proximity of the Vltava river and therefore the long distance trading routes. A very favorable climate and fertile soil were important too. Outside of the Tuchoměřice area, Tursko, Libčice, Únětice, Černovičky and almost all other villages have a deep and rich history, and prove the presence of settlements already in the 4th century BC – confirmation that the place is directly destined for a comfortable living.


historical postcard from Tuchoměřice



About the project


In this beautiful and historic part of Kněžívka one of the most important Prague developers built the first apartment house of its kind in Tuchoměřice, commemorating and respecting the tradition of the village –  in the nearby village there was a limestone mined in the Medieval times, specific ‚gold‘ one, which was used as the basic building material for the construction of the Prague Castle and emerging communities west of Prague. Here, the majority of historical buildings and farms basis just from the local golden limestone.


This residential building is designed to meet the demands of modern, comfortable living for families and individuals. The apartments are designed with large windows that generously illuminate interiors, high ceilings give a feeling of lightness and airiness. The house stands a little bit aside from the main municipal roads, the traffic behind trees does not disturb this quiet place in the countryside and old buildings. Its extention style and color of the facade with marl foundations and gable roof in terracotta color harmonizes with the surrounding nature and houses in neighborhood. Around the house there is a chamber housing district gradually forming with a scenic park along the creek. 
In the basement there are garages and cellars belonging to the apartments.


construction process



interior construction and visualization (La Design)



Why to choose Kněžívka for a living?


The advantage of living in the village Tuchoměřice is a beautiful surrounding countryside, interesting places and historical monuments – Okoř Castle, a Gothic church in Černovičky, with newly uncovered and restored medieval wall paintings, the rotunda from the 12th century in Přední Kopanina, also some places hidden and discreet, like artificially constructed grotto in the fields of the mid-nineteenth century standing behind the edge of Tuchoměřice, Pazderna. Such attractions are seating in a wide area. 


For relaxation and sports there are equestrian centers in Tuchoměřice, Pazderna and Přední Kopanina enable stabling of horses and basic riding lessons, also biking and hiking trails, swimming pools in Suchdol in Prague 6, in Slaný and Kladno. 
The greatest advantage is the close proximity of Prague 6 and excellent transport links to the metro stop. Social infrastructure in Tuchoměřice – post office, restaurants and shops, a school and a kindergarten, a cultural building. Everything else in the villages at Suchdol, Bubeneč and Dejvice. Option of larger purchases in Šestka near the airport and Lidl in Horoměřice. Tuchoměřice is located about 2 minutes by car from the Václav Havel International Airport. 




Nomination for the Real Estate Project of 2017


The project has been nominated for the Real Estate project in 2017, thanks to its unique atmosphere and the new chamber concept. You can see the individual apartments here:


Interested in more? Please contact our real estate specialist Lenka Dušková at +420 773 769 769 or e-mail lenka.duskova@luxent.cz, to answer your questions or arrange a tour.


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