Home wellness - how to do it?

Home wellness - how to do it?

As the winter season begins to approach, we more often feel the need to rest, relax, and indulge in pampering spa treatments. However, the current situation does not suit us very well and the wellness centers are still closed for the time being. Have you ever thought that you could fully enjoy them in the comfort of your home? Home wellness does not have to apply only to luxury apartments in Prague

Imagine this scenario – you come home tired from work and head straight to your own sauna or whirlpool, play your favorite music and nothing disturbs you. The only possible inconvenience is embodied in the initial financial deposit. But you will soon find out that the savings for admission to various spas, home comfort, and time flexibility will significantly exceed it. In addition, it is an attractive and useful investment in an apartment or house

Sauna for health and relaxation

At first glance, it might seem that a home sauna is an unnecessary survival and an expensive „fun“. The opposite is true. Instead of a whim, you will discover the magic of a warm oasis of calm. You don't have to travel all over the city, you can relax whenever you want and at what temperature you want, all undisturbed in the privacy of your home.

Regular sauna has a positive effect on human health. There is leaching of harmful substances, strengthening the activity of organs and blood circulation, and an overall increase in immunity. High temperature has a positive effect on joints, muscle relaxation, but there is also speculation about slimming effects. The effects on the psyche – reducing stress and nervousness – are not negligible
and improving sleep.

You can choose from several types. The infrared sauna takes up less floor space. Thanks to the low temperature, between 30 and 60 ˚C, it will also be suitable for beginners. In contrast, a classic Finnish sauna heated to 90–100 ˚C requires more demanding operation and maintenance. The steam bath is slightly different. Lower temperatures of 40–50 ˚C and humidity of up to 100% may suit people who are not doing well with hot air.

dr-eve-na-sauna-indoorSource: https://www.kuengsauna.ch/…models/swing#…

The prefabricated sauna with an original design is sold by the Swiss company Küng. It can be placed virtually anywhere, so you don't have to reserve a special room or take up space in the bathroom unnecessarily. There is even a combination of sauna and steam bath in one. The dual Insieme system from the same supplier also offers space savings and versatile use according to mood and needs.


Source: https://www.kuengsauna.ch/…dels/insieme#…

Treat yourself to a massage in the hot tub

Nowadays, it is not a problem to get a whirlpool for the interior. Who wouldn't want to load themselves into bubbles and be pampered? Warm water has similar beneficial effects as warm air in saunas. In addition, you can enjoy a massage of stiff or strained muscles. You will also find a pleasant use for romantic moments for two.

The Italian company Treesse focuses on the production of designer shower enclosures and whirlpools. The hidden nozzles look elegant, which is a rarity on the market. The hydro-massage whirlpool directly encourages placement in the middle of the room.

vi-r-ivkaSource: https://www.treesse.cz/…/fusion-231/

You can afford an outdoor hot tub and a peaceful swimming pool in the family villa

Accessories adjust the atmosphere

You don't have to remodel the whole apartment or house right away or buy expensive equipment. Even a smaller bathroom with a few modifications can serve as a so-called home spa. Try to perceive it not only from a practical point of view, but raise it to the level of the living space and define a rest zone in it. An easy solution is, for example, to replace an ordinary head with a massage one. Also get an aroma lamp, scented candles, and bath foams or salts. You will enjoy the warm bath in a completely different spirit. Don't forget the soft bathrobes, towels and preposition.

You will complete your relaxation corner with perfectly chosen decorations. Choose them only at the end and harmonize them with the rest of the interior. In terms of material, glass and stainless steel look elegant and timeless, but it's just up to your taste. When furnishing wellness or a bathroom in general, you will find inspiration, for example, from the Italian brand Gessi.

umyvadloSource: https://www.gessi.cz/…pelny/goccia

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