Let there be light!

Let there be light!

As winter approaches, days shorten and darkness comes sooner. But don't get depressed right away and literally brighten your home! You can easily enliven the interior and cosset yourself with suitable lighting. Some lamps can be considered real works of art, and installing them will instantly create a luxury living.

In the footsteps of the Czech tradition

The phenomenon of applied art in our country is represented by glassmaking, which has gained an international reputation over its almost thousand-year history. We still export up to 90% of our production abroad. Leading Czech glassmakers are working with designers to build the Bomma brand in Světlá nad Sázavou. The modern and timeless concept is combined with acclaimed craftsmanship and gives rise to literally beautiful jewelry. All offered collections will add decoration and unique touch to the interior, while there are various shapes, sizes, but also colors to choose from. Each piece is original.

The local glassmakers, as one of the few in the world, can manually blow up luminaires to 90 cm in size. These iconic lights are embodied by the Tim series, which was inspired by the production of crystal drops for Tim Burton's Prague exhibition. The minimalist design and size almost beyond the limits have elevated the brand among the world's leaders in the field.

konstelace-sve-telSource: https://bomma.cz/…onstellation

In addition to solitaires, he also creates so-called light constellations, which are made up of several dozen crystal lights in perfect harmony. For example, the Lens collection looks like lenses. 

The glasshouse reflects the legacy of glassmaking

The Lasvit company took care of the architectural gem in Nový Bor. For her new headquarters, she bought old log houses that had been used by glassmakers in the past and built a new glass building between them. The glass shell was specially designed in accordance with the original slate tiles. Symbolically, it depicts a lighthouse that proclaims the glassmaking tradition and its restoration in the region. At the same time, it is a fully functional luxury office. There are staff café, a meeting room, and a sample library. 

lasvit-novy-borSource: https://www.czechdesign.cz/…nicky-skvost

The creative concept fits into the overall ideological concept of a company that collects one award after another. Specifically, the glasshouse, for example, has now won the international Dezeen Award 2020 in the category of spectator choice in architecture, interiors, and design. Lasvit creates not only luminaires from glass, but also luminous sculptures or walls. Their products decorate luxury real estate abroad such as hotels, casinos, or palaces. The most famous projects include a monumental pair of dragons for an Asian hotel, trophies for the winners of the Tour de France or the Czech Lions, a champagne carafe for Wimbledon organizers, and a statue of a diver made of thousands of blown balls. However, you can also indulge in their products and buy an exclusive design lamp for your apartment, for example! 

lasvit-sve-tloSource: https://www.lasvit.com/…globe-metro/

One of the newest products under the auspices of the company was presented by the young hope of Czech design Cyril Dunděra, who drew inspiration from the typical colored tiles of the Prague metro during his work. He thus transformed the convex hemispheres from the 1970s into imaginative lighting.

In the sign of metal and sustainability

When we leave the glass, the luminaires can also be chosen from other materials. The company Delta Light Czech, representing the Belgian manufacturer Delta Light on the Czech market, offers all types of luminaires, from indoor to outdoor. A novelty, for example, is the Lass-Oh! Series, which consists of very thin floating linear, square, and rectangular shapes. They hide miniature LED clusters, the purpose of which is to optimize the degree of glare in the room. Various curved and rounded works in black and gold look elegant and are great for both homes and commercial buildingsmoderni-osve-tleni



Nahaku studio offers a completely different philosophy. With regard to overproduction and the associated extreme amount of waste, it was decided to create new products from those already used, the so-called upcycling. At first glance, the Brno pair of designers transform unusable materials with history into tasteful pieces that no one would say are de facto from waste. Among their products, you will find the product LUSTR from a fire extinguisher or PETing from a disposable plastic bottle for prosecco. stropni-sve-tlo

Source: http://www.designmag.cz/…rosecco.html#…

Source of the cover photo: https://www.designville.cz/bomma-tim 

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