Merry (exotic) Christmas

This year we will celebrate Christmas in our home country. But what kind of Christmas can be spent in different parts of the world?

Merry (exotic) Christmas

This year marked by the covid turned life upside down. We have lost a lot of certainties, but at least one is unshakable. Christmas. Mostly, and especially this year, we experience them in the Czech Republic. However, we do not have to experience these emotions only by the family fireplace, but we can take them anywhere with us. Get inspired further in the article from our partner for tailor-made travel – Exclusive Tours, how you can spend Christmas in different parts of the world.


Madeira – Christmas on the island of endless spring

Flowerpot of the Atlantic, the island of eternal spring. Madeira has many attributes. On the first of December, the capital Funchal changes into a festive coat every year, thousands of lights come on and the magical spirit of Christmas reigns until January 10. The islanders claim that December is a month dedicated to the „fest“ and are celebrated thoroughly. Advent time is associated with several cultural events. Islanders can never do without good food, which is doubly true at Christmas time. The day before Christmas Eve, the city's Mercado dos Lavradores market is bustling until late at night. People are strengthened by the offer of street food, typical of this time include Vinha d´Alhos, pieces of pork marinated in wine and garlic. Nine days before Christmas, one of the most fundamental Christmas traditions of the Madeirans, Missa do Parto, is a Mass celebrating the nine months of the Virgin Mary's pregnancy. The highlight of the holidays is the New Year's fireworks, which were entered in the 2006 Guinness Book of World Records as the largest fireworks display in the world. The 5-star Vidamar Resort is an ideal place to spend the Christmas holidays, the magical atmosphere is underlined by music performed by the Christmas choir, traditional Christmas meals are served for Christmas Eve dinner, and especially small visitors will be delighted by Santa's arrival.


Iceland – Nordic darkness lightened by thousands of lights

Although Iceland is one of the European countries, its Christmas habits will surprise in many ways. The gifts are carried by the sly elves Jólasveinar, there are thirteen of them, so the children will find a gift in a shoe outside the window for the whole thirteen days before Christmas Eve. The mother of the elves is the giantess Grýla, who shoves naughty children into a sack. The figure of a black cat is also threatening, which will eat anyone who does not get at least one piece of clothing under the tree. The day before Christmas, a typical meal is Kæst skata, a fermented stingray topped with a sauce of melted sheep fat with pieces of fat. Specialties also include Laufabrauð, or fried pancakes, made of thin wheat dough, served as a side dish to Hangikjöt. This means ‚hanging meat‘ and translates into smoked lamb or mutton sliced. If you dream of white Christmas and winter, which is more Nordic than Lad's, then Iceland is the right Christmas destination for you. Many Advent events take place here, culminating in New Year's fireworks, after which the island is immersed infamous parties when the night does not end in the morning. An hour’s drive from Reykjavik, the boutique Ion Adventure Hotel is surrounded by hot springs, where you can spend peaceful holidays with a magical atmosphere of aurora borealis. 

New York – Holidays in a city that never sleeps

New York's most famous Christmas tree stands at Rockefeller Center Plaza, one of the largest in the world, decorated with 50,000 LED lights and the heart of New York's Christmas scene. On the legendary Rockefeller Square with a gilded statue of Prometheus, there is also a famous ice rink where you can skate in winter. You can also skate in Central Park, where there are two ice rinks, and enjoy a city on ice that never sleeps under a starry sky is also an experience. Tourists from all over the world go to New York for Christmas, and during this time there is a gold shopping spree. Shop windows show off in fantastic decoration, the legend is the Macy´s department store, which turns into Santaland, which is supposed to be the home of the only and real Santa Claus. The obligation is to visit one of the oldest toy stores, FAO Schwarz, which has starred in several Christmas movies. Lotte New York Palace on Madison Avenue is an iconic hotel that is said to be nowhere to create such a perfect Christmas atmosphere as here. Also, he is a partner of the legendary Christmas Spectacular Starring show of Radio City Rockettes, and you can also get tickets for this performance as part of special packages. However, the Plaza Hotel on Fifth Avenue also has the charm of Christmas at its fingertips, besides, it is a mandatory stop for fans of the film Alone at Home 2, because it was filmed in its beautiful premises. And if you want a little peace, board the stylish deck of the Manhattan yacht, sip hot drinks and enjoy views of the U.S.A., Statue of Liberty.


Mexico – Advent under the Caribbean sun

If you want to walk in flip-flops on the beach, it's hard to find a friendlier destination. In the Christian world, moreover, Mexican Christmas celebrations are considered the most exuberant.

Villa del Palmar Luxury Beach Resort and Spa in Cancun is a place that is worth the attention. The tradition here is to light a star on the Christmas tree so that Santa Claus can hit and bring with him, in addition to gifts, also happiness and Christmas.

Dubai – Skiing and Christmas markets in the desert

The Emirate of Dubai is always ready to offer guests unforgettable experiences, no different at Christmas time. Skiing on the Arabian Peninsula? Of course. Ski Dubai is an indoor ski resort that is part of the Mall of the Emirates, one of the largest shopping malls in the world. But the mere experience of soft powder is not enough for Dubai, in the area, you can see a colony of penguins, which is as different as in a fairy tale. Especially families with children will appreciate the Breakfast with Penguin Walk offers. In Dubai, you don't need to miss anything from the Christmas you're used to at home. At the beginning of December, the desert resort of Bab Al Shams turns into a Christmas fairy tale, a huge Christmas tree stands out among the dunes, surrounded by stalls where you can buy presents, enjoy hot chocolate and mulled wine. Santa also arrives on his sleigh to please the children.


If you would like to spend Christmas 2021 outside your home, Exclusive Tours will help you find the right place to fulfill your Christmas ideas. Merry Christmas!


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