The offices as a good investment

The offices as a good investment

For the companies with the stable income there is no problem to reach a loan with an interest rate of 3 to 4 percent, which in practice means that when a company takes the office on installments, it can one day break out with a carousel of constant rent payment, and when repaying a loan set for ten twelve years, these installments will be as high as rent payments.

The offices for sale could be the interesting invesment also – many real estate investors buy apartments meanwhile. The apartment renting has a lot of pitfalls – whether it be payment morale, demolition of equipment or frequent removal of tenants for which it is necessary to seek compensation. Established businesses tend not to move – they involve a lot of extra costs, including printing new business cards, threats to lose customers at a new address etc.


The gains in the case of an investment purchase of offices may be more interesting than in the case of the purchase of an apartment, in addition, there will be no worries with frequent search for new tenants, as it use to be in the case of renting apartments. Most companies also pay attention to their good reputation, and the threat of rent arrears is not as high as apartments renting.

In the case of buying offices, this is also a good investment for another reason – the value of commercial real estate is not as volatile as it is in the case of residential housing and, if necessary, to sell real estate, it is not necessary to wait for better times …

For apartment buildings where there is a combination of residential and non-residential premises, it was possible to trade with individual parts (ie. offices) from time to time. Not everybody knows, however, that today, thanks to the current legislation, it is possible to sell to commercial units purely commercial buildings – whether they are exclusively office buildings, shopping centers, etc … So there are interesting opportunities for companies themselves, which can be for the  beneficial conditions in their own offices. The small real estate investors  are having an interesting alternative to the most widespread purchase and subsequent rental of the apartment.


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