To achieve appreciation in real estate, you need an experienced partner

Rental properties provide their owners with a stable yield and a very good return. But why is it important to have a quality real estate partner?

To achieve appreciation in real estate, you need an experienced partner

It’s a long-standing fact that real estate is one of the most stable financial areas that guarantees owners a very good return. To get the appreciation you expect, based on the results you’ve planned, it’s best to go with a loyal and knowledgeable partner who can offer you expertise, experience, and a realistic view of the market situation.

Recently, after the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic have become apparent in the real estate market, this fact is truer than ever before. The prices of lower-quality real estate in less accessible locations are already falling, dragging their potential return down with them. On the contrary, truly high-quality real estate is retaining its value and thus its investment potential.

When you invest in any asset, you naturally calculate the real expected return. In apartments, for example, you can expect an annual yield of 3–4%, but this presumes that you’ve got reliable tenants. Experience has shown that a guarantee of stable rental income only comes with quality real estate, where the tenants don’t fluctuate too much. This is why the potential of the property has to be properly evaluated before investing. “We work closely with our sellers and buyers to help analyze and evaluate the economic side of each investment opportunity in the real estate market,” explains Emil Kasarda, owner of the Luxent real estate agency.


pronajem-bytuApartment for rent in Jindřišská Street, Prague 1 


In fact, it is rental property that appears to be the surest asset in the long run; even though we can expect that the sharp rise in property prices we’ve seen in recent years will come to a halt, and prices may theoretically drop slightly in the short term, over the medium term we can expect a steady increase in real estate prices and therefore a growing interest in rental housing. Over time, the value of real estate nearly always rises only because of inflation. What’s more, quality real estate is very tradable. The apartment price index in Prague, for example, has risen by 80% to 180 since 2012, while in the crisis year of 2011 it reached a level of about 96 (the average index is 100 and has been unreeling since 2010).



A correct analysis is crucial, especially for development projects. Consulting in this area is one of the specialties of our company. “We seek out investment properties and cooperate not only in the creation of a successful development strategy, but in planning its implementation as well. We offer consultation on the purchase of apartment buildings and land for development, and in the process of their evaluation. We draw on the experience of our brokers and collaborate with designers to create the most suitable apartment layouts; we also consult the layout of apartment combinations and help with the selection of standards,” adds Emil Kasarda, Luxent’s owner.


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