Trends in interior design - Armchair as a solitaire or your resting place | INNEX

Trends in interior design - Armchair as a solitaire or your resting place | INNEX

Everybody sometimes feel tired of the personal space in which he spends the most time – usually it's a living room and a bedroom, and then there comes the time to resolve the revitalization to such an extent that the inhabitants feel comfortable in the room again. Most people ignore this fact and they loose their place to relax and restore the mind after a busy day.


The options for changing the environment can be simple, but in the end they could be significant. One of them is, for example, the creation of a popular reading or relaxing corner, the dominant part of which is a comfortable armchair with a footrest. These objects can create a cozy place of the bedroom, but also the living rooms, where you will be happy to spend your free time.


We have prepared for you the latest trends in the field of seats that were presented at the Milan fair. First of all, we were interested in the collection of SITS chairs sold in the INNEX showroom in Prague. It combines just the two important aspects that are needed to create your favorite relaxing corner: a unique design that does not frighten and surprising comfort tailored to each character. „BIRDS“ – that is the name of the premium collection of the Swedish SITS supplier.The link between the name of the collection and the armchairs was found on the lines of the handrails that resemble the bird's wings, as well as on the slightly elongated shapes of the body of the chair, which seem to call for the flow of the air stream. Overall, the light-hearted appearance of the armchairs is another continuity with airborne sailing birds. Also, the selection of natural materials is one of the pillars on which the collection is built. The supplier offers only a selection of the most luxurious fabrics of its range, such as natural lightly degradable fabrics with admixture of cotton, modern fabrics with admixture of wool or luxuriously cut leather of first class quality.


The BIRDS collection of seats consists of four seats and four legs that connect the shape of the shell. Armchair filler is the contrast between the models. The client then has the choice of preferring soft padding to a harder or clearly defined seat line than loose pillows.


As we have outlined, one of the seats is the soft and most comfortable armchair with the distinctive name SOFTBIRD. In the shell, typical of the entire BIRDS collection, there are four soft pillows that create maximum comfort for the sad, back and hand. Even the cushioning of the pillows in you at first glance will make you feel comfortable and enjoy your moments of peace for yourself.


4SOFTBIRD collection 


Another very distinctive armchair is BLACKBIRD. Your attention is attracted by the distinctive stitching with interesting details. This model attracts mainly fans of elegance and luxury design. The BLACKBIRD armchair finds its place mainly in the study or as a luxurious living room. This also includes a selection of materials in which the supplier offers an armchair – these are usually fine-cut leather in black or white.



 BLACKBIRD collection


Another collection is the MYBIRD chair with rectangular stitching and LOVEBIRD armchair. You can also order them in the leather, but also in the recent modern wool fabric.



LOVEBIRD collection


MYBIRD collection


These chairs can be found exclusively in the INNEX showroom in Prague 3. There is not only a large selection of seats and chairs with a wide selection of shapes and fabrics, but also specialized staff can help you with the choice of home accessories and interior design.


INNEX designers often solve interior revitalization, as well as new interior designs. They will be tailored to your requirements and ideas and will support you throughout the project implementation.


Visit the INNEX showroom or to create your home again a paradise for relaxation and a source of inspiration and energy for every day.



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