We have launched the sale of industrial-style apartments in the Garden Lofts luxury residence

In an attractive location of Prague 5, on the border of Smíchov and Radlice, directly below Dívčí hrady, construction of an original and timeless development project - the Garden Lofts residence in industrial style has started. The building includes 22 luxury apartments with terraces, balconies or front gardens. They are now exclusively for sale by our real estate agency Luxent - Exclusive Properties. The project will be completed in the spring of 2023. The construction is being carried out by the renowned construction company Swietelsky.

Garden Lofts

Photo: Garden Lofts project

In Pechlátova Street, the Garden Lofts project will comprise 22 apartments with a floor area of 39 to 204 m2 and in layouts ranging from 1+kk to 5+kk. And you definitely have a lot to choose from! On the upper floors you will find units with views of the private garden, including two stylish lofts 3+kk and 5+kk with roof terraces and panoramic views of Prague. The first floor then belongs to the apartments with a garden, at the end of which there will be an atypical separate garden room with complete sanitary facilities and the possibility of retrofitting. Here you can create, for example, a guest room or a garden kitchen. Of course, there will be cellars and underground parking with the possibility of charging electric cars.

Garden Lofts project

Photo: Garden Lofts project

And what is the current situation on the construction site, which we started this summer? Our general contractor, Swietelsky stavební, is currently securing a construction pit on site and once the existing work is complete, deep foundation work will begin using piles embedded in the rock below the foundation slab. The rough construction of the luxury new building will begin to rise in height in late October/November this year.

Distinctive character and creative solutions

The design of the exclusive Garden Lofts property was created by the renowned Czech architect Jan Kasel, while the interiors and facade were designed by the Pizinger family from Morix Studio. The architecture of the project combines the unique beauty of industrial design with cosiness and everyday practicality. The relaxed atmosphere is accentuated by the charm of the raw materials together with the extensive, industrial-style glazing of the front façade. As for the interiors, they will feel airy yet cosy. The design and furnishings of the living rooms and bathrooms reflect a superior standard. We will use natural materials typical of this type of architecture:

  • stone
  • wood
  • concrete
  • glass
  • metal

Various industrial elements will be acknowledged, as well as electricity and water lines in a sensitive and tasteful manner. Of course, you can co-create the look of your apartment to some extent! The furnishings for your luxury living have then been carefully selected by the Morix Studio specialists at Elite Bath and others.

Photo: Garden Lofts project

"Industrial touch, originality and novelty are the hallmarks of the Garden Lofts project. The concept of this residence transcends the conventional view of luxury and will appeal to even the most demanding. The project is suitable both for individual and family living and for investment in an apartment. With the apartments, the owners get a luxury property and with it a space for a healthy life in peace and greenery," explains Zdeněk Jemelík, real estate broker at Luxent - Exclusive Properties.

A multi-purpose oasis of peace

The real jewel of the residence is the terraced, creatively designed garden of 2,495 m2 with trees, a workout area, space for children's activities and a garden pool. The entire garden is also shielded from the bustle of the city by the original buildings and hidden from the view of passers-by. It will serve only the residents of Garden Lofts, providing a pleasant and undisturbed place for passive and active relaxation. The well-thought-out concept offers a variety of uses on each level. On the lower level, you will be able to make full use of the swimming pool with terraces - both with sun loungers and the possibility of higher seating at the dining table. The middle one is then used for evening sitting by the fireplace surrounded by benches. We always complement the residential areas with container-style gazebos with basic facilities for barbecues or picnics. A little higher up you will have utility beds where you can grow your own vegetables or herbs. To avoid disturbing the peaceful atmosphere and privacy of the rest areas, children's play features and sports facilities can be found at the top of the gardens. The floors will be interconnected by slopes with taller perennial greenery and tall ornamental grasses combined with retaining blocks made of large stones.

Photo: Garden Lofts project

Location adds to the uniqueness

The project is situated in a quiet and green location in Prague 5 directly below Dívčí hrady, on the edge of the western slope of the Brabenec mountain, near the Prokop valley and the Vidoule nature reserve, which allows you to go exploring the natural beauty at any time. The place is also full of opportunities for sporting activities - don't hesitate to visit the swimming pool with swimming pool and tennis courts or the street workout course Kutvirtova.

Even the benefits of city life are literally at your fingertips. The surrounding area has a wealth of amenities, for example, the network of shops and stores in Smíchov Anděl with cultural stalls, entertainment centres, offices, schools, banks or medical care is just a minute's drive or public transport ride away. Similarly, transport to other Prague locations is easily accessible, with the B - Radlická metro stop or several tram lines within walking distance of the residence. And if you want to leave the metropolis for a weekend, for example, just drive to the Smichov Tunnel or the Prague Ring Road in a few minutes.

Garden Lofts project

Photo: Garden Lofts project

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